Just like its predecessors, iPhone 7 seems to have caught the imagination of both fans and tech universe. Endless rumors predicting the purported design and features of the next-gen iPhone have apparently attracted everyone’s eyes. No wonder the curiosity to have a glimpse of the upcoming boss of the smartphone is on the seventh sky!

Earlier this week noted mobile reporter Evan Blass had said that the iPhone 7 would be released in the week of September 12.

iPhone 7 Release Date RumorsJust when we all had begun to think of the exact date of iPhone 7’s release, Evan has gone a step ahead indicating that his claim is referring to the retail release date, and not the launch event. Specifically, he has stated that iPhone 7 will go on sale on Friday, September 16th.

iPhone 7 to Be Released on September 16th (Friday)

Going by the history, September 16th retail release seems to be a bit early. While iPhone 6s was available on retail stores from September 25 in 2015, iPhone 6 hit the stores on 19th September 2014, iPhone 5s arrived on the stores on 20th of September in 2013.

According to a report from Apfelpage, Apple may call the next-gen smartphone as iPhone 6SE. Though we doubt the possibility of this new name, it all depends on the tech giant.

In the wake of the unprecedented decline in iPhone sales, the Cupertino-based company would desperately want the upcoming iPhone to do incredibly well. However, a number of analysts believe that the smartphone would not be able to wrest the downward trend.

One of the major reasons why the iPhone 7 is not predicted to be a hit is the lack of new design along with exclusive features. According to various surveys, several iPhone users would upgrade to the new iPhone only if it has an all new look as well as standout features.

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