The dual-camera of iPhone 7 Plus have been making huge buzz. The ability to take stunning shots has made the dual-camera system attract wide attention. No wonder fans have already begun to call it a mini DSLR. But, will it deliver the goods on the expected lines?

The tech giant hasn’t disclosed the sizes of the camera sensors which have been used in the iPhone 7/7 Plus. But a Reddit user has calculated them using the EXIF data from the Sports Illustrated photos.

Secondary iPhone 7 Plus Camera Sensor is Smaller Than Primary One

iPhone 7 Plus Secondary Camera Sensor Smaller Than Main One

According to the revelation, while the main sensor is exactly the same size as the one found in the iPhone 6s, the other sensor for the 2x telephoto lens is somewhat smaller.

“Using the EXIF data from the teaser photos courtesy of Sports Illustrator, we can calculate the sizes of both sensors (some of their photos were taken with the telephoto lens). Apple claims a 28mm (in 35mm equivalent) wide angle lens for the main sensor and 56mm lens for the telephoto (35mm equivalent calculation, again).

The actual focal length of the main camera is 3.99mm, derived from one of the photos EXIF data. A 1/3in sensor has a crop factor of 7.21, and the iPhone 6S’ sensor is 1/3in. The math is below:

iPhone 6S (1/3in sensor) = 4.15mm x 7.21 = 29.92mm for a 35mm equivalent lens.

iPhone 7 Plus main sensor = 3.99mm x (7.21?) = 28.7679mm, very close to Apple’s claimed 28mm.

iPhone 7 Plus telephoto sensor = 6.6mm x (8.6?) = 56.8mm, very close to the claimed 56mm as well. For a 1/3.6in sensor, the crop factor is 8.6.”

Based on the mathematics, smaller sensors for the same number of pixels would result in more noise in the images. But going by the history and how Apple has been able to deliver fabulous noise-reduction, we believe the iPhone 7/7Plus would be fantastic when it comes to capturing nice photos.

However, it would have been great if there were greater sensors as the images would be a lot sharper when viewing closely.

The pre-orders for the newest iPhones began on September 9 and set to launch on 16th of September.

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