KGI has always been a reliable analyst when it comes to Apple. KGI today reported that the new iPhone 7 Plus will feature a dual-camera system. We hae earlier published about Apple filing a patent application for dual-camera lens technology and this new report from KGI confirms the same.

To be honest, it wasn’t expected too sooner from Apple to integrate this newly invented technology in the upcoming iPhone 7 Plus. As always, there’s no word from Apple on this report or patent application, but joining the links of reports and patent application, it is evident that the new technology should surely take its place in upcoming iPhone 7 Plus.

iPhone 7 Plus to Feature Dual Camera

KGI: iPhone 7 Plus is Likely to Boast a Dual-camera Lens

KGI have also reported that this new technology will be limited to iPhone 7 Plus. In addition, not every iPhone 7 Plus will boast this technology, only the premium models will be equipped with a dual-camera lens system. Not even the 4.7-inch iPhone 7 will be featuring this new technology.

It is certain that Apple wants to keep this new invention limited to its premium models, which compels users to upgrade or buy the premium models.

The new technology will take iPhone photography to the next level. According to the reports, one of the cameras will support optical image stabilization while the other will be a telephoto lens.

KGI iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera

The iPhone 7 series launch still has a long time to travel, but there are already so many rumors and concepts for iPhone 7 bombarding the internet.

Out of all the rumors and leaks, the report from KGI will surely leave its impact considering their accuracy in the past.

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