An alleged image claiming to reveal the Geekbench test results for an iPhone 7 Plus has surfaced online. Going by the picture, 2.37GHz dual-core ARM processor as well as 3GB of RAM is well and truly on the cards.

The image, which was posted to Chinese microblogging site Weibo, reveals single- and multi-core results for an iPhone model with the hardware string iPhone9,2. As a side note, iPhone 6s Plus comes with a 1.84GHz dual-core A9 chip, 2GB of memory and the hardware string iPhone8,2.

iPhone 7 Plus Geekbench Results Reveal 2.37 GHz Dual-Core A10 Chip, 3GB of RAM

The 16-nanometer A10 processor with a single-core score of 3548 as well as a multi-core score of 6430 can easily outscore the power of the A9 processor, which manages to score 2490 and 4341 respectively, in iPhone 6s. Even the ultra-large 12.9-inch iPad Pro with 2.2GHz A9X chip that has the Geekbench scores of 3224 and 5466 respectively falls behind.

There is nothing new about this news as various rumors have stated that the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus will feature 3GB of RAM. The 4.7-inch model is reported to carry the 2GB of RAM.

iPhone 7 Plus 2.37 GHz Dual-Core A10 Chip, 3GB of RAMApple is reported to launch three models of iPhone 7 this fall. iPhone 7 Pro with the 5.5-inch screen is rumored to be the third model. According to some reports, most of the major features like dual camera and Smart Connector are going to arrive with the Plus and Pro models.

The physical Home button could also give way to the touch-sensitive Home button. Regarding design, the next-gen iPhone will look very similar to iPhone 6s.

Due to the lack of new design, the iPhone 7 is not expected to create a history about sales. Analysts predict that the upcoming smartphone won’t be able to wrest the unprecedented decline in sales.

Apple is set to announce iPhone 7 and 7 Plus (7 Pro if the buzz is anything to be believed.) next month. For more information about the features, specs and price of iPhone 7, check out this post.

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