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In the wake of the record decline of iPhone sales, there is massive pressure on Apple to wrest the slump. With rivals catching up with the tech giant regarding selling most smartphones and enhancing their devices with tons of attractive features, the challenges ahead for the next-gen iPhone are more daunting than ever before.

Unless the iPhone 7 boasts of standout features, it will meet with the same fate as its predecessor. Though Apple's smartphone had never been about extravagant specs nor does it seem to be breaking the age-old trend. When the entire world is obsessed with feature-rich phones, iPhone users may not be able to hold themselves back for far too long. And, why should they be made to do so?

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iPhone 7 Will Bring Back the Glory

Why iPhone 7 Must Boast of Never-Seen-Before Design & Features

So, should Apple come with something that no other phones currently have and make sure its device is unmatched on every front? Yes. Probably, the time has come to be ahead and not lag behind—in every respect!

Wish Apple Embraces 4GB RAM

Deep down, I know that the next-gen iPhone may not come loaded with 4GB RAM. However, I wish the Cupertino-based company embraces the fact that the era of 2GB RAM is almost over. So to remain in demand, it would be a great idea to either step ahead of other or match them.

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Anyway, 4 is always better than the 2, isn't it?

3500mAh Battery Can Be the Biggest Boon

While iPhone 6s and 6s Plus did have a reasonably good battery life, I wasn’t impressed at all. As against a number of Android devices, Apple phones have a comparatively short running time. At times, the battery drain is so embarrassing that you begin to feel very sorry about the most expensive phone.

Wouldn't 3500mAh battery solve the agony of most users who have been pinning for a strong battery life but denied repeatedly?

All New Design

Even though the existing design of the latest iPhone is charming, it were almost two-year-old and had come with the iPhone 6. Knowing that the stake is so high, the upcoming iPhone deserves to have a new design. Unfortunately, Apple is not interested at all in changing the overall look of its popular device and planning to bring a radical change for the 2017 iPhone.

I for one desperately want nothing less than a gorgeous look coupled with the superb display. Else, the crowd may not let the forthcoming smartphone have its own stand—might even blow it away!

More Variety Can Do Wonders

Being the most valuable brand in the world, Apple has never compromised with the high price that keeps on soaring with every year. Asia being the most promising market today, it would be great to bring more variety-targeting mid-range customers.

Even though iPhone SE was a well-thought attempt to pierce the new emerging segment, it failed to catch the imagination as it didn't have much to offer.

“Would you prefer a less attractive iPhone-if it doesn't match with the specs provided with every other Android smartphone? Having been unmoved for years, I want my device to be at par with or ahead of others in every aspect. Do you?”

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