Various reports have revealed that the iPhone 7 won’t come with too many brand new features and look quite similar to iPhone 6s. Barring a few changes like a dual camera for the 5.5-inch iPhone model, the next-gen smartphone will not be a major upgrade.

So far most of the purported images of iPhone 7 have revealed only the rear part; showcasing the dual camera that the next-gen device will come with. However, a purported image of the front of the upcoming iPhone has appeared, which shows that the iconic Home button has been tweaked.

iPhone 7 May Feature Touch Sensitive Home Button
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As per the image, the Home button appears to be flat with the bezel. That means the tech giant is going to implement touch-sensitive capacitive Home Button in place of the physical click. The virtual button would make iPhone fully waterproof as it would remove all the gaps.

As for functionality, the touch-sensitive Home button would work quite similar to the existing one. It may also integrate 3D Touch which will distinguish between light and hard press.

The existing Home button on iPhones tends to wear out owing to regular use after a few years. Hence, it doesn’t work as smoothly as expected when the device gets old a bit.

So many iPhone owners often complain of the poor functioning of the Home button. The touch-sensitive Home button in the next-gen would not only make the device look a bit better but also solve this major problem. Hopefully, Apple implements it sooner than later.

While iPhone 7 is not rumored to arrive with a lot of stunning features, the 2017 iPhone is touted to be a massive upgrade with edge-to-edge-display, front camera, and fingerprint sensor being embedded in the touchscreen.

iPhone 7 is expected to launch this fall alongside Apple Watch 2.

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