It's becoming a yearly trend for iPhone lovers to present different concept and features for upcoming iPhone. Every year new leaks and rumors give us a glimpse of the next masterpiece. This year is no different; iPhone 7, which is supposed to be released in late 2016, is already topping the search engines with different concepts and specifications.

We have tried to gather all the resources in one place and ignored the things, which are in no way going to get implemented by Apple. We have to go through some weird designs and concepts while doing our search. So here we are with the most possible iPhone 7 features.

iPhone 7 Features Rumors

iPhone 7 Specifications, Features, and Release Date Rumors


Apple's next iPhone 7 is expected to feature the latest A10 chip that will be so far the fastest and solid chip Apple would have ever used. It is also rumored that this time TSMC will be the sole supplier of A10 chips.


As per Apple's tradition, we might witness two different iPhone 7 – iPhone 7 with a 4.7-inch display and iPhone 7 Plus with a 5.5-inch display. From the strong reliable rumors, it is expected that the iPhone 7 will boast a sapphire display with OLED technology.


Apple has always been a little conservative when it comes to RAM. Even though, we are aware that iOS has the smartest memory management and the experience is buttery in every iPhone. The might be iPhone 7 will feature 2GB of RAM while the iPhone 7 Plus is expected to have 3GB of RAM under its hood.


Even though Apple has not made any official statement, we all are very much aware of Apple’s plan to make iPhone as slimmer as possible. With that said, the upcoming iPhone 7 is rumored to have no headphone jack. Instead, a single Lightning connector will be used for headphones.

Design and Body

The iPhone 7 could be of a non-aluminum composite body, which makes it more water resistant. This also helps in giving away antenna bands that were visible in iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Storage Capacity

Apple's iPhone do have a solid memory management, but you'll have to agree that it equally sucks when it comes to storage. Fortunately, the iPhone 7 is rumored to include a 256GB variant which will be enough for all your apps and games.

Battery Capacity

The A10 chip, OLED display, more memory, and more storage will definitely need more power. This leads to a need for a larger battery and thus, the next iPhone 7 is speculated to feature a 3100mAh battery.

iOS 10

There have been some weird videos floating around on YouTube about iOS 10 concept. A very handful of features from those videos might actually land in the next iOS 10. The iOS 10 might add more apps to 3D-Touch capabilities and it may extend features to existing 3D Touch apps. Apart from that, it is also rumored that iOS 10 will be impossible to Jailbreak.

iPhone 7 Release Date

There isn't any official announcement from Apple, neither on the release date nor on the date of the Apple event. From few of the reliable sources on the internet, Apple event is expected to be held in March 2016, where a mid-range iPhone along with other Apple products might be launch. If Apple follows the tradition, iPhone 7 might be launched in October or in September 2016.

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