With Samsung packing a solid punch with its latest flagships-Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, the rumors are doing the rounds that Apple might come up with plenty of stunning features to stay ahead of competition in its upcoming iPhone 7. If the rumour mills are proved to be right, the next generation iPhone could have a plethora of industry-first and remarkably enhanced features.

Undisputedly, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus are still dominating the world of smartphones by a long distance. Nevertheless, Samsung’s newest flagships have been able to attract wide attention due only to a range of quality features such as wireless charging and side wall display. And when there is endless race to remain atop, Apple wouldn’t like to be far behind in terms of enhancing its next-generation iPhone with innovative features-like it has always done!

iPhone 7 Features RumorHistory suggests that Apple takes its own time before coming up with its own matchless masterpiece. So much for the rivalry between the top two tech giants of the world, what are the never-seen-before rumored features that might arrive with iPhone 7?

Just like any other Apple fans, I couldn’t have been more excited about the prospective features that could come with iPhone 7. Never before had the competition looked so intense and healthy. After all, the more intense the competition, the better it’s for the end users. Looking forward to having a sneak peak at some of the rumored features of iPhone 7?

iPhone 7 Features-Rumors

Revolutionary Touch ID
Apple is rumored to embed Touch ID on the entire Touchscreen of its next iPhone iteration. If it happens, you would be able to enable Touch ID from anywhere on the Touchscreen of your iPhone.

Just like you, I’m also curious to know how the Touch ID on the whole Touchscreen of your iPhone would function. And more significantly, how user-friendly it would be for iPhone owners.

All New Home Button
For years, iPhone’s physical Home button has been its unique identification. Nevertheless, there is strong likelihood that its Home button might assume a new role with more versatile functionality on iPhone 7. Apple is said to be toying with the idea of enlarging the iPhone Touchscreen without increasing the screen size.

As Touch ID is believed to be embedded on the whole Touchscreen of iPhone 7, Home button might also be on the Touchscreen itself.

Force Touch Technology
Force Touch Technology uses tiny electrodes around the retina display to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press. Once it senses the deep press, it instantly gets into action allowing quick access to specific control.

Going by the strong wind, Force Touch display is sure to arrive with iPhone 7. Honestly speaking, it’s the strong possibility of the addition of Force Touch Technology in the next-generation iPhone that makes us firmly believe that both Touch ID and Home button would be thoroughly remodeled in their new roles.

Wireless Charging
Wireless charging has been around for quite some time and many smartphones have adopted it. However, Apple hasn’t yet added wireless charging to its iPhones. Given Apple’s rival companies have packed most of their flagship smartphones with wireless charging, Apple might eventually give it a green signal for the upcoming iPhone 7.

Side Wall Display
Side wall display is Samsung’s innovation which first arrived with Galaxy Note Edge. Apple might redefine this new feature and perfect it with its own elegance. When there is cut-throat competition and the coveted number position at stake, you can always expect the expected.

More Power Packed Battery
As compared to other smartphones, iPhone’s battery life is slightly misplaced. Whereas most of the high end smartphones come loaded with 2500 mAh or around 4000 mAh robust battery that only last longer but also charge the phones unbelievably fast, iPhones are still messing around with 2000 mAh or even less battery that just don’t complement well with the excellence of iPhone.

While there are many android phones that can be fully charged within 10-15minutes, iPhones are annoyingly slow and take around 2 hours to be powered up.

More Gigabytes of RAM
Today, most smartphones are packed with 2, 3 or even higher gigabytes of RAM unlike iPhones. There is rumour going on that Apple is seriously considering of bringing 2GB of RAM in its iPhone 7 or let's say iPhone 6s.

Have you got any wind of some of the surprise features of next generation iPhone? What are those? Do share with us.

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    Anyone know what they mean by “damaging side effects” of wireless charging?