Even though iPhone 7 is expected to launch this fall (still around three months away), cases claiming to have been primed for the next-gen iPhone have been released online today. If looks are anything to go by as per the cases, upcoming flagship smartphone will have a striking similarity with iPhone 6s.

The case reveals how the dual camera system on the iPhone 7 Plus would look like. The binocular-esque appearance of the two cameras along with iris holes side-by-side and ample gap between them give us enough indication about the two-camera-system that we have been reading for a long time.

iPhone 7 Cases Released Smart Connector, Dual Camera Design

iPhone 7 Cases Released with Smart Connector, and Dual Camera Design

The camera flash and rear microphone have also been aligned horizontally. There is also a space for the 3-pin Smart Connector on the back of the device

As per reports, Apple had been prototyping with Smart Connector but eventually left it for the final production units. Hence, these cases may have been manufactured in accordance with the earlier leaks. In line with the recent rumors, they don’t feature 3.5mm headphone jack.

Among some of the major features that are expected to arrive with the next-gen iPhone are 3GB RAM, up to 256GB internal storage.

Most of the big changes that are to embrace the Apple’s upcoming iPhone are reported to have been primed for the 5.5-inch iPhone 7 Plus.

As for Oppomart Sunnyc cases, they have been made from the quality silicon materials. Priced up to $11.99,  the iPhone 7 cases will be available by the end of this month from Oppomart.com.

Since there is still a lot of time before new iPhone will arrive, I’d wait until the smartphone arrives before going for a case.

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