A couple of days back, we have got leaked images of iPhone 7 cases, and from the images it was quite obvious that Apple would continue with its bigger size of the smartphone, which was started with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

There is another major “leak-through” posted on a French blog, Nowhereelse.fr. which reveals images from Taiwanese phone case maker Catcher Technology. The images describe a slight chassis redesign for the iPhone 7, which is likely to be launched by Apple September 2016.

Leaked iPhone 7 Images Reveal New Case Design

The images clearly show that the phone won’t have antenna bands across the rear. As expected, the images displayed here have antenna bands limited to the sides and around the top and bottom edges of chassis.

Moreover, a closer look reveals that the back of the case shows a larger hole for the camera. The opening is depicted as closer to the edges of chassis and creating a “slight bulging outgrowth”.

The leaks disclose a fact that the design of iPhone 7 looks a bit thinner than the iPhone 6s; it also confirms that the phone won’t have a headphone jack.

It was quite apparent from the last week’s leaks of images of cases, which boasted two slots for stereo speakers covering the space of 3.5mm headphone jack, which can be seen in all current iPhones. However, experts are still apprehensive of the “displaced 3.5mm headphone jack” with the latest leaks.

The French blog had also uploaded images that purportedly show dual-lens camera parts for iPhone 7 Plus, but the images were later known to be similar to the pictures that came to light in early January.

On the other hand, some rumours claimed that dual-camera feature could be exclusive to iPhone 7 Plus, which might be labelled as iPhone Pro by Apple.

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