Next generation iPhone 6s may come with 2GB of RAM and pre-installed Apple SIM just like iPad Air 2. Apple SIM will provide users the freedom to select a carrier without long-term contracts. Users will be able to switch a carrier as and when they want from Settings app.

Apple Insider reports that with the introduction of the 2 gigabytes of RAM, the background tasks as well as tabs in iOS Safari will remain open for a long time and won’t require any reload or refresh.

iPhone 6s To Come With 2 GB Of Ram And Pre-Installed Apple SIM

iPhone 6s To Feature 2 GB Of Ram And Pre-Installed Apple SIM [Rumor]

However, the increase in RAM won’t be good news for battery life as it will consume more power. So the users who have been pinning on the hopes that the next generation of iPhone will have more improved battery might have to continue to wait.

Apple has been planning to introduce Apple SIM since 2010. However, the Cupertino-based company had to scrap its plan due to the huge resistance from wireless carriers.

The carriers which agreed to support Apple SIM, which came loaded with iPad Air 2, set some stern limitations with regard to usability. One of the top most carrier providers Verizon has kept itself away from supporting Apple SIM.

Carriers are not willing to give away their direct sales relationship with customers. The operators accuse that by introducing Apple SIM, the Cupertino-based company is striving to have a complete control of their contact with mobile customers. The carriers might not give in easily if Apple really comes with Apple SIM in its next iPhone iteration.

However, given the ever-rising popularity of iPhones, carriers may have no other options but to support Apple SIM. With Apple becoming the largest selling phones company in the last quarter due only to the unprecedented appeal of iPhone 6 and 6 plus thereby dethroning Samsung from the top position, the tide seems to favor Apple.

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