For all iPhone lovers, who are waiting for iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, here is news worth reading. Apple is planning to launch two smartphones in fall 2015; and we have got information that there can be numerous changes inside the phone but the outside will look identical to the current iPhone 6.

Earlier, we have got many such exciting news items, but this one has certainly captured our attention. Now take a look at the photos from 9to5mac.iPhone 6s Rumored to be Identical to its PredecessorIs it iPhone 6: You will be taken in for its thickness/width

Take a close look at the photos below and you will remember the transition from the iPhone 5 to iPhone 5s. The back of iPhone 6s is similar to that of the current iPhone; there are hardly any visible external changes from iPhone 6. The space gray colour has remained light, contrasting with the darker space gray Apple Watch, but it is possible that final hardware may include some more changes.

As per the images, it takes only keen eyes to notice any change in thickness or width on iPhone 6-like device, however, possible changes in the larger 5.5.-inch iPhone 6s Plus body can’t be ruled out.

Different Internal Mounting Structure

iPhone 6s Internal MountingThe exterior maybe identical but there must be lot of changes inside. The iPhone 6s has some evident changes especially in the mounting points for its new logic board and components.

Camera SystemiPhone 6s Camera HousingLook at the identical holes for camera, microphone and LED flash; this quashes the rumour that iPhone 6s will have a dual-lens camera system. At the same time, nobody can ignore the possibility of camera lens bulging out on the new iPhone 6s.

Antenna Lines

Of late, Apple has applied for a patent on a technique to hide the antenna lines on the back of an iPhone with an anodized metal appearance. It is rumoured that those lines will continue to appear on iPhone 6s, if there isn’t any change in the casing. NFC antenna performance may put a smile on the users.

Bottom Design

iPhone 6s Internal Parts Housing

Accessory makers won’t have to make sea-changes in their cases and covers for iPhone 6s as this phone will have its bottom design exactly the same as that of iPhone 6. Number of speaker holes and the position of the headphone, microphone and lightning holes will remain unchanged.

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