Apple’s next iPhone iteration – iPhone 6S/6S Plus and iPhone 7 – very much like their predecessors seem to have caught the imagination of tech world. The rumoured features, design, have become the hot recipe for discussions. Even though the latest flagship devices iPhone 6/6 Plus are still quite new, the attention towards the next-generation iPhone has dramatically shifted.

iPhone 6S Features and Release Date

If Apple continues to stick with its policy, iPhone 6S is very much on the radar. The rumour has it that the next-generation iPhone will add quite a few innovative technologies like Force Touch Technology, 2 GB of LPDDR4 RAM, A9 processor and dual-lens DSLR quality camera and more.

Force Touch Technology

With the help of tiny electrodes around the flexible retina display, Force Touch Technology will be equipped to distinguish between a light tap and a deep press. After sensing the deep press, the technology will trigger instant access to specific controls.

The force touch technology is the innovative feature of the Apple Watch released in April this year. Hence, it is likely that the Cupertino-based company will bring Apple Watch speciality to iPhone too.


According to TechNews Taiwan, iPhone 6S will have 2 GB of LPDDR4 RAM. As compared to 1 GB of LPDDR3 RAM which is there in iPhone 6 and 6 Plus, 2 GB of LPDDR4 Ram will consume less power and also boost the iPhone’s performance. If it happens, expect the next-generation iPhone to go a little longer on a single charge.

The LPDDR4 Ram is reported to be supplied by Hynix, Samsung and Micron-Elpida.

A9 Processor

iPhone 6S is reported to feature A9 Processor with a 14-nanometer design. The A8 Chip with 20-nanometer design will make the iPhone more efficient.

Animated Wall Papers

Until now, only Apple Watch users have the privilege of animated wall papers; but according to the latest reports (read Rumors) from 9to5Mac, iPhone 6s (or iPhone 7) may enjoy “spiced up set of animated wallpapers”. Two sources claimed to have used internal iPhone 6s prototypes at Apple; but they have also held that this feature may not be available in the final version of iPhone 6s operated on iOS 9. It is also rumored that the new set of wallpapers will be made available only to those who possess the latest iPhone, i.e. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus on iOS 9. This indicates that even if you have downloaded the latest iOS version on your existing device, you will not get those colorful wallpapers.

Dual-lens Quality Camera

With 13 megapixel cameras, the Camera app will be nothing less than a boon for those who have been expecting it for a long time. The dual-lens will be equipped to capture DSLR imagery. Moreover, the latest buzz reveals that Apple has placed an order for five-element lenses that will match the 12MP camera sensor of the next iPhone 6s. Another speculation made by developer community is that Apple might give a big spec boost to front-facing camera of future iPhones; the developers have decoded the iOS 9 codes and it signals that the future iPhone cameras may have the capacity to capture 1080p video and 240fps Slo-Mo, and might be equipped with a flash.

Seven-day Battery Life

A powerful battery could be one of the most glaring features of any phone. But when it comes to iPhone, it actually becomes a headline rather than a feature. According to a leading British news agency, iPhone 6s will boast a hydrogen-powered battery that could last up to 7 days. The batteries will be manufactured by a UK-based Intelligent Energy, a company that had manufactured hydrogen-powered chargers for smartphones. According to media reports, Intelligent Energy is joining hands with Apple to integrate the technology in the upcoming iPhones.

Rose-Gold Finish

Users have been fascinated with the current size of iPhone 6, and hence, its successor is likely to be of same size; but this time Apple might strengthen its color palette with an addition of rose gold. The Wall Street Journal reported that apart from silver, gold and space grey, buyers would lay their hands on a new pink model; it won’t be bright pink as you could see on iPhone 5c.

Screen size

Apple is in no mood to change the size of screen and it is likely to remain the same – 4.7 inch and 5.5 inch. Possibility of a new iPhone 6c with 4-inch display is brushed off.

Touch ID

To enhance the performance of Apple Pay, iPhone 6s might be bolstered with an improved Touch ID.

New Charger

Charger is the most significant component in any phone’s accessory list. And when it comes to an iPhone charger, every user expects something more. The upcoming iPhone 6s has created much hoopla around itself and therefore, customers are looking for something extraordinary from its charger. For long, there were rumors about charging methods for iPhone 6s; and this includes wireless charging. Though wireless charging was expected at the launch of iPhone 6, customers didn’t get this facility in iPhone 6; rather, Apple launched this technology of wireless charging in its coveted smartwatch. A YouTube video spread the rumors about a new charger in August; in this video, a prototype cable was shown in action with a reversible USB connector and the already available reversible Lightning connector.

Apple SIM

This is something that captures everybody’s attention. Earlier, Apple launched its iPads with this facility of SIM; the same is likely to be extended to iPhone 6s. Perhaps Apple wants its customers to select a new network for their iPhones without changing the SIM card.

Financial Times indicated that smartphones may work without SIM cards; the report was backed by talks among smartphone manufacturers, including Apple, which could result into an agreement for a standard built-in software/electronic SIM.

However, customers may have to wait till 2016 as this could not materialize in iPhone 6s this year.

4K Video Recording Support

For better picture quality, iPhone 6s may support 4K video recording. Now forget the 1080p recording in your iPhone 6 and 6 Plus; get ready to experience better video resolution and clarity in the upcoming iPhone 6s. If you wish to enjoy on a bigger screen, get a compatible TV at home. This upgrade will positively influence Apple's retina displays in Mac computers. The front-facing iSight/FaceTime camera will give better performance; a higher quality sensor and a new ‘flash’ mode to light up the front display.

Facial Recognition

How exciting if you could unlock your iPhone with the advanced facial recognition system. With its new patent, Apple iPhone could click a picture of user's face using its front-facing camera, and after analyzing the same, will unlock the device. However, experts also opine that fingerprint scanning is much safer technology. So Apple may drop the idea.

Gaming Joystick Home Button

For game lovers, here is good news. Apple is mulling over assigning two functions to iPhone’s home button: as a home button and as a gaming joystick. The home button might have a spring below it that comes into action and becomes a joystick when you play games from iOS AppStore.

iPhone 6S Release Date

iPhone 6S might be launched along with Apple Watch if the tech giant wishes to make the public launch of its first wearable device a big success. If it doesn't do so, in that event you can expect it to come in September. Though it is less likely to come in the spring, Apple might bring in a surprise for millions of iPhone fans.