Best iPhone 6s Bumper Cases in 2019: Enhance Style Quotient of Your Smartphone

Admire the best iPhone 6s bumper cases in 2019. We have sourced the best brands for the best phone in the market. Take a look at each bumper case and choose one.

Bumper cases have their own fan-following as these cases provide protection as well as add style to your iPhone 6s. Made of solid rubberized material, bumper cases never add that extra bulk to your pocket, and hence, your iPhone is always a pleasant device to carry.

We have already listed some bumper cases for iPhone 6s; this fresh range will leave you spoilt for choices. There is another reason why we are adding more to the list; iPhone 6s is accepted worldwide as a primary phone by users, who live a strenuous life. They have to travel a lot, they need to visit manufacturing units of the company they are working for, they work out at the gym, they spend their leisure time at the beach, and they live an active life.

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Thus, they have to take extra care of their iPhones, which help them stay connected with the world. This collection of iPhone 6s bumper cases will certainly protect iPhone 6s against potential damages. Take a look at the list and choose one for your iPhone.

Best iPhone 6s Bumper Cases in 2019: Enhance Style Quotient of Your Smartphone


JIAXIUFEN Bumper Case for iPhone 6s

There is the simplicity of design in this case, except for that shiny gold metallic pattern (it’s a world map). When you turn the case around, this pattern will reflect light. And this is the beauty of the case. Apart from its charm, the case flaunts sturdy profile as it is made of hard PC back panel.

Its soft clear bumper provides the firm grip in your hands. You should never bother about the phone getting slipped off your grip. The case is durable, but not bulky; you can protect your phone from scratches, dust, shocks, and fingerprints.

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USP: Sturdy profile
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#2. JETech

JETech Bumper Case for iPhone 6s

JETech brings ultimate transparency in this bumper case for your iPhone 6s. It is a pure joy to hold your iPhone, whose brilliant design is seen through the crystal clear back of this bumper case. The slim case is made of PC and TPU to keep your phone guarded against scratches and UV.

A notable feature is that the case doesn’t turn yellow over a period. JETech has used superior quality material that can endure shocks. The raised bezels and four corners protect the touchscreen and absorb shocks.

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USP: Ultimate transparency
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CIKOO iPhone 6s Bumper Case

Cikoo presents just a bumper without back cover for your iPhone 6s. This is a perfect example of minimalist design in bumper cases. Cikoo has removed all the unnecessary parts to keep the design simple and effective. This bumper ensures a slim and sleek profile of your iPhone.

This bumper frame is made of durable, soft rubber. You need to install the frame from your iPhone’s bottom. Once the frame fits your phone properly, you can easily use all the ports, controls, and buttons on your iPhone.

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USP: Extremely minimalist design
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#4. Costyle

Costyle iPhone 6s Bumper Case

Costyle has taken the bumper frame to the next level with its rich color palette. The bumper frames are available in ten different colors; you can pick your favorite color or select all to change the case every day.

This extremely slim bumper case is made from premium material to protect your phone from all possible damage. Once you install the bumper case, you can place your iPhone on the back or with its face down. The touchscreen and back of your phone are protected as the frame provides enough elevation.

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USP: Colorful range
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BENTOBEN iPhone 6s Bumper Case

A heavy-duty rugged case for your iPhone. This case is built to endure all tough situations and protect your phone with its three-layer design. Never worry about shocks as the case has four rubber corners that supply reliable support cushion to your phone.

Bentoben has used impact resistant hard PC material to construct outer shell of this case. Your phone is protected against fingerprints, scratches, and dust. To avert shocks, Bentoben has installed high-quality silicone inner-layer.

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USP: Three-layer design
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#6. Elago

elago iPhone 6s Bumper Case

Elago has explained the definition of minimalism in its bumper case for iPhone 6s. Keep the essential and remove the unnecessary. Elago has followed this maxim and crafted a case that doesn’t have back cover. This bumper frame only covers the sides and corners of your iPhone.

The hybrid construction of polycarbonate and TPU efficiently secures your phone. When you place your phone on a flat surface – on the back or face down – the phone is protected with its elevated bezel. You can quickly access all the necessary features of your phone.

USP: Hybrid construction
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SUPCASE iPhone 6s Bumper Case

Supcase is a popular brand that manufactures high-quality smartphone accessories. For your iPhone 6s, Supcase has made a hybrid bumper cover with a clear back. To make this case strong, Supcase has sourced high-grade TPU and hard PC materials.

The transparent back allows you to showcase the real color and beauty of your iPhone’s back. You can quickly install and remove the cover/case on the sporty design of your iPhone 6s.

USP: Sporty design
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#8. Shock Tech

Shock Tech iPhone 6s Bumper Case

When protection and craftsmanship are combined together, you get an excellent case for your iPhone. Shock Tech has successfully added style to strength to create an excellent case that covers every corner of your device.

To safeguard your iPhone camera, Shock Tech has raised the back cover by 0.4mm. Volume buttons are frequently pressed in a day, and therefore, Shock Tech has used Flex Press technology to prevent scratches on the volume button.

USP: Jelly case
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#9. Trianium

Trianium iPhone 6s Bumper Case

Trianium’s bumper case has two-layer protection: a shock-absorbing frame and a solid body. The first layer protects your phone against drops and the second one secures the device from scrapes and bumps.

Unlike other ordinary cases, Trianium’s case gives you long-lasting protection as it is made of premium TPU bumper and hardback polycarbonate panel. This slim and transparent case showcases the original color and design of your iPhone 6s.

USP: Two-layer protection
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#10. Huffii

Huffii Bumper Case for iPhone 6s

Huffii bumper case offers double protection for your iPhone 6s; the shock-absorbing frame prevents any damage from accidental drops and its solid body safeguards your phone against scratches and bumps.

Its clear hybrid structure tightly hugs every corner of your iPhone 6s and gives you a strong grip while you are in the middle of crowd or commutation. Show the original and real colors of your iPhone 6s with Huffii’s slim and transparent bumper case.

USP: Long-lasting protection
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Signing off…

Bumper cases have always been the first choice of many iPhone users. They are thin, they are protective, they are rugged, they are beautiful, and they are easy-to-handle. The quick access to the screen and other essential features is the best advantage of bumper cases.

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