iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Battery Life Comparison with Their Predecessors

The most awaited tech event of the century had just ended but the age of dilemmas has just begun. Tim Cook has carefully carried the Apple legacy from Steve Jobs and gave the world the ultimate iPhones, ever. The iPhone 6s and 6s Plus are heating up the tech arena on various features, but the battery life is the show’s topper.

Both the iPhones are marvellous with the new features like the 5MP front camera, 3x front flash, the 3D Touch and more. And all these features are driven on a strong power source. A healthy comparison is what everyone seeks to figure out the battery efficiency of not only the new iPhones but also with the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus Battery Life
Image Credit: AppleInsider.ru

#1. iPhone 6s and 6s Plus- Battery Life

The battery backup is the real criterion to compare the ‘worthy one’. So here is the precise comparison between the new iPhones, on the basis of various criteria which uses maximum battery backup.

Sr. NoCriteriaiPhone 6siPhone 6s Plus
1Talk Time14 hrs while using on 3G24 hrs while using on 3G
2Internet Use3G – 10 Hrs, LTE- 10Hrs, Wi-Fi- 11Hrs12 Hrs in 3g , LTE and Wi-Fi
3HD Video PlaybackUp to 11 HrsUp to 14 Hrs
4Audio PlaybackUp to 50 HrsUp to 80 Hrs
5Standby TimeUp to 10 DaysUp to 16 days


The bigger the better and the slimmer the smarter, that’s what one can figure out from the comparison of the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus battery. Now you can enjoy longer conversations, uninterrupted internet surfing and an amazing 14 hrs HD Video Playback in the iPhone 6s Plus.

#2. iPhone 6s and iPhone 6- Battery Life

A comparison of the latest iPhone 6s and its predecessor the iPhone 6, on the basis of power used in various activities. The users must be getting eager to compare what they already posses and the one they are planning to own.

Sr. NoCriteriaiPhone 6siPhone 6
1Talk TimeUp to 14 hrs on 3GSame
2Internet Use10 hrs- 3G, 10hrs- LTE, 11 hrs- Wi-FiSame
3HD Video PlaybackUp to 11 HrsSame
4Audio PlaybackUp to 50 HrsSame
5Standby TimeUp to 10 DaysSame


Although the predecessor of the iPhone 6s is similar in all the criteria, one cannot deny the fact that iPhone 6s is having the same battery backup with astonishing features such as Force Touch, the new advanced camera and a lot more. So choose the one you love to carry anywhere without a charger.

#3. iPhone 6s Plus and 6 Plus- Battery Life

iPhone 6 Plus and 6s Plus, the two notch tech product are one of their kind. The power backup in both the iPhones are same but iPhone 6s Plus is loaded with next gen features. Here is a critically analysed comparison between the two, so that you can have the best technology at your disposal.

Sr. NoCriteriaiPhone 6s PlusiPhone 6 Plus
1Talk TimeUp to 24 hrs on 3GSame
2Internet Use12 hrs- 3G, 12hrs- LTE, 12 hrs- Wi-FiSame
3HD Video PlaybackUp to 14 HrsSame
4Audio PlaybackUp to 80 HrsSame
5Standby TimeUp to 16 DaysSame


All the models are equipped with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery which is in-built. The battery can be recharged through USB to a computer and power bank or a power adapter.

The tug of war over the better battery backup and the dilemma to own an iPhone with a long lasting power source may come to an end. As I’m pretty sure that you got a crystal clear idea over the choice you will be making.