Best iPhone 6s/6s Plus Power Banks of 2020: Never Run Out of Power Again

Apple’s flagship model iPhone 6s isn’t as power hungry as its predecessors. Even then at times, either we are busy or we forget to charge our iPhone. Then we end up with a dead block of aluminum in our hands.

There are many different iPhone 6s/6s Plus power banks available in the market. Each of them has different specifications and size. We have tried to get the best out of all and put them together in the list below. So just read till the end and make the best purchase.

Best Power Banks for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus in 2020


KENRUIPU iPhone 6-6s Plus Power Bank

KENRUIPU has taken great pain to manufacture a high-quality power bank for your iPhone. The brand has gone far to protect the LCD screen, which indicates the power status of the portable charger.

This 24000mAh power bank can help you when your iPhone is as dead as a dodo. The surface of the power bank is partly covered by leather, which gives you a soft and comfortable touch feeling.

USP: 24 months warranty
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BESWILL iPhone 6-6s Plus Solar Power Bank

For a change, I picked up this solar power bank for adventurous souls, who want to stay outdoors. You can recharge this power bank under the sun; thus, it is an environmentally friendly product. This portable charger is made of ABS+PC+silicone material to dissipate heat.

With its two super bright LED lights, you can use this power bank as a flashlight when you are enjoying outdoor activities like camping, hiking, and others. To turn the LEDs on, you need to press the button for a few seconds.

USP: ABS+PC+Silicone material
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#3. Jackery

Jackery iPhone 6s-6s Plus Power Bank

Jackery sports a pocket-friendly design and features 6,000mAh battery, but it is comparatively cheaper than the two power banks mentioned above. It’s capable of offering fast and secure charging. There is a built-in flashlight that helps you drive away darkness especially in low-lit environments.

Aluminum shell makes the power bank very durable and also allows it to withstand drops. You have four good-looking colors: black, silver, orange, and gold.

USP: Built-in flashlight
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#4. Xiaomi

Xiaomi iPhone 6-6s Plus Power Bank

Xiaomi is primed to offer a highly efficient charging solution to your smartphone and tablet. The solid 10000mAh battery can offer up to four times full charge to your iPhone. The 18W output is good enough to charge your device at a decent speed.

Incorporated with USB-C port, it also excels in providing super fast charging. Additionally, Xiaomi power bank is supported by a limited 12-month warranty.

USP: Highly efficient charging solution
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BLAVOR iPhone 6-6s Plus Solar Power Bank

BLAVOR presents a10000mAh external battery pack with Type C input port. This solar power bank protects itself from splashes, dust, and shocks with its IPX4 standards. If you cannot resist an urge for outdoor adventure, keep this power bank with you always.

Apart from charging your iPhones, this power bank helps you find your lost stuff in the dark; it comes equipped with a flashlight. In case you lose yourself in the forest, use a compass kit to navigate your routes.

USP: Compass kit
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#6. Hiluckey

Hiluckey Solar Power Bank for iPhone

Hiluckey solar power bank boasts 25000mAh battery capacity, which can charge your iPhone and iPad simultaneously. Check those dual ports, which help you charge two iOS devices at the same time. This polymer battery pack comes with four foldable solar panels, which convert solar power into battery energy.

This solar power charger detects your device intelligently and delivers output current to protect your iPhone or iPad from over-current and over-voltage. When you are outdoors, you can use its nine built-in LED lights as emergency lights; control the lights with three modes: Normal, SOS, and Strobe.

USP: 9 LED lights
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#7. ARTIX/NRGized

NRGized iPhone 6s and 6s Plus Power Bank

One more bright colored power bank in the list joins the league. NRGized power bank features two different colors: Red/Black and White/Orange. It has a stunning 10,000mAh battery under its hood. You can simultaneously charge two of your devices using both USB ports. If you are on a frequent flier list then this is the powerhouse you should carry for your iPhone 6s.

USP: Sleek design
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#8. Anker PowerCore

Anker PowerCore 26800 iPhone 6-6s Plus Power Bank

A great combo of power and efficiency, Anker PowerCore is easily one of the most reliable power banks for iPhone. Loaded with a massive 26800 mAh battery, it delivers a lot of extra charge to your smartphones.

Equipped with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies, this power bank charges your device fast. There are three USB ports to help you keep multiple devices powered up.

Moreover, the multi-protect safety system defends your smartphone against all sorts of threats like overcurrent and overcharging.

USP: PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technology
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#9. Luxtude

Luxtude PowerEasy 10000mAh Power Bank for iPhone 6-6s Plus

Featuring sleek design, “Luxtude PowerEasy” appears to be a good bet. Due mainly to the compact factor along with the smooth finish, the power banks can effortlessly slip into your tiny pocket.

Beyond the elegant look, PowerEasy has got a reliable 10000 battery which can keep your smartphone charged up. As it’s MFi certified, your device will get not just the fast charging but also be able to keep the dangers like overheating away.

Lastly, you can also choose this external charger in 5000mAh battery capacity and multiple colors.

USP: Built-in Apple MFi certified cable
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#10. Aibocn

Aibocn Mini Power Bank for iPhone 6-6s Plus

If ultra-portability is right on top of your agenda, Aibocn can impress you effortlessly. The power bank looks so sleek and easily slips into even a tiny pocket. If you want to have a reliable travel companion for your iPhone, this one is right in the zone to live up to your requirement.

8000mAh is able to deliver 2.1A output, which is not bad from any aspect. Lastly, Aibocn comes in three attractive colors: black, red and white.

USP: Impressive compact design
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

I hope your hunt for a reliable power bank has come to a happy ending. Let us know which one of the above chargers are going to be the companion of your smartphone.

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