Brando iPhone 6 Wireless Charging Kit with Battery Case

Wireless Charging Kit for iPhone 6

iPhone’s battery life has long been a debatable issue. Though Apple has come up with much-improved battery with iPhone 6, there is still plenty of room for improvement. More often than not, iPhone owners have to run for power sources to boost their power-consuming device. That’s when they feel the need to have an efficient iPhone 6 battery case. Unfortunately, most of the battery cases available in the market lack features that can go nicely along with the profile of iPhone 6.

iPhone 6 Wireless Charger Kit provides a fascinating solution to charging your iPhone. This wireless charger kit, in many ways is a move on from the existing ones. With the advanced wireless charging technology, it can win you in no time. Read more to figure out what’s more it has in store for you.

What’s There Inside the Box?

Brando charging kit ships with iPhone 6 battery case, wireless Charger and a micro USB cable. Packed in a small box, it won’t be able to create much of an impression initially. However, once it is out with your iPhone, it does set the tone for an engaging experience.

Effortless Charging

With 2,800 mAh powerful battery, it significantly extends your iPhone’s battery life. To charge your iPhone, just put it into the case, connect it to the phone and turn on the power button located at the bottom of the case. The LED indicators flash while your phone is being charged. It is able to juice up your device in a quick time, if not rapidly. Though it could have been apt to add some more muscle to battery power, it is capable of doing the job fairly well.

Light Weight Charging Case for iPhone 6


The wireless charging pod can be handy in charging the battery case. Simply connect the charging pod to the power source with the

With the use of wireless charging pod, you can charge your phone and battery case simultaneously. Simply connect the charging pod to the power source through the micro USB cable, place your iPhone with the battery case (make sure the case is connected to the iPhone) on it and press the switch key to charge. Both the battery case and the iPhone 6 will start charging at one go.

Adds Attractive Profile To Your iPhone 6

Slim iPhone 6 Battery Case

The Brando battery case has a snap-on design that helps to have a comfortable installation of your iPhone. You can conveniently attach your iPhone 6 with it and wouldn’t find any difficulty in removing it either. Unlike most other battery cases, it doesn’t look bulky. It adds an attractive profile to your device that goes nicely with the way it appears.


One thing that you would like most about this case is that it doesn’t complicate things. With this case on, you would have an easy access to the iPhone’s buttons and ports without any hassle. You would be charmed with it and hence love to get along with it.

The battery case has a smooth look. There are no clumsy linings to take the sheen away from it. All the cut-outs ensure your iPhone shine through the case.

Any Con?

It’s difficult to find con in it. However, the lightning connector that connects the battery case to the iPhone doesn’t seem to be strong enough to resist much pressure. It can easily be disconnected or broken. Aside from this, it has packed everything that a user would like to have.

Purely from users’ perspective, this case stands up to the mark. If you are in the quest of having not only power-packed battery case but also a dashing profile for your phone, look no further than this. It is available in two colors and all geared up to embrace your iPhone 6.

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