News about an Apple Store employee revealing iPhone 6 release date broke out last evening. According to that, Apple will be releasing iPhone 6 on October 14th (with the announcement happening on September 16th).

This seems unlikely even though it stems from a source that can deemed to be close to the company. However, Apple plays the launch date cards very close to its chest and it’s hard to believe any kind of a leak.

iPhone 6 To Be Released on October 14, Apple Store Employee Reveals

Typically, Apple announces the iPhone in September and releases the device into the markets about a week later. This year, the rumors had pointed to a September 15-16 announcement followed by the launch in the third-week of September. As pointed out by Redmondpie, this gives Apple a chance to boast about weekend sales numbers during the October iPad event.

It is not typical of Apple to announce a device and launch it about a month later. Also, it is very unlikely that Apple would launch the iPad and the iPhone on the same day. However, whatever the patterns are, there is no reason to think that Apple will compulsorily stick to them.

Most importantly though, the news mentions that the Store employee only mentioned October as being an incredibly busy month for Apple. October will be a busy month even if Apple launches the iPhone by September-end.

Physical spec about the iPhone 6 is old news. In fact, for folks in the loop, there is nothing exciting by way of new information. We know that the iPhone 6 features a 4.7″ display (and a 5.5″ for the larger one, if it exists), we know that the iPhone 6 also features a thinner, iPod-touch-inspired design.

As for the hardware spec, that’s something about which we’re in the dark.

Nevertheless, all eyes are now on iPhone 6’s release. We’re still voting for a September announcement and launch date.

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