The well-known in analyst circles, Brian White of Topeka Capital has been quoted by BI (and picked up in various other channels) that the iPhone 5's successor (whatever that's called) would be coming in with more color and screen options. As strange as it continues to sound, this is the second analyst chiming about the multiple-color options for iPhone 6.

A Repetitive Tale

Earlier, we had posted about Peter Misek (Jefferies) hinting at multiple-color options for the iPhone 6, just like how Apple's iPod Touch product line currently is. Although it does sound a bit far-fetched, coming from two analysts who've had a hit-and-miss record makes it interesting. White's understanding of the supply chain and access to information here is impressive although predictions in the past haven't been all that great. However, most recently, his predictions on some of the Mac-line of products was quite on the mark.iPhone 6 Rumors

Peter Misek, the other analyst who was the first to voice the multiple-color options, also holds a strong hit-and-miss record. He was the only guy who got the name, iPhone 4S, right before everyone got fooled by Apple, awaiting an “iPhone 5.”

Release Date in June?

A recent article on iOS 7 release date had “proved” that Apple is certainly working on the next prototype of their upcoming iPhone model. This was running what seems to be iOS 7. And quite naturally, the discussion leads on to release dates.

We'll all be looking forward to an iPhone 6 release date somewhere in the middle of this year: possibly June. A March time-frame looks positive for an upgrade to iPad or the iPad Min (or both) but an iPhone release in March doesn't sound as promising for the market as well as Apple.

More Screen Sizes, iPhone “Mini”

Brian White is of the opinion that the iPhone 6 would arrive with some companions – notably, of different screen sizes. The iPhone 5, which has a 4” screen, is the only deviation in a product line-up filled with 3.5” screens. White says that Apple will be launching smaller-sized screens (iPhone Mini) to enter markets like those of China and India, while there will also be larger than 4” screen-sized iPhones to bifurcate the market.

All the talk about multiple-screen sizes doesn't drive down well with me. For starters, it would shatter the dev world to re-customize their apps to suite multiple screen sizes. Apple has loathed the fragmentation of Android and has used that as a case study to keep away from producing multiple devices with different specs.