Peter Misek, the Jeffries analyst who has stirred up a storm after being called out on several of his analysis being totally off the mark, has not quite stopped his ‘predictions.' In a report that AppleInsider covered yesterday, he is quoted talking about the most important piece of the puzzle in the run up to iPhone 6, the next big iPhone release expected from Cupertino.

Forget colored iPhones and stuff like NFC for the moment. These are just the tip of the iceberg. What really powers the iPhone and eventually is the main theme for competition between iPhones and top-layer Android smartphones like the ones from Samsung is the core processor.

While the iPhone 5 has the advanced A6 chip, it's not as powerful as some of the multi-core processors that the competing Android smartphones wield. Not quite surprisingly, Misek says that Apple is definitely thinking about something spectacular: an 8-processing core capability and a re-structuring of the iOS to utilize the new cores.iPhone 6 Rumors

However, judging by Misek's Digitimes-like style of prophesying, one must take this piece of information with a big lump of salt.

Peter Misek is of the opinion that there have been several bottlenecks in the production of iPhone 6. His claims of a 4.8” iPhone 6 features in almost every leading blog/paper covering the gadget although they seem highly unlikely even if you stretch Apple's standards by a mile.

What makes the talk about SoC and the 8-cores thing realistic is that Apple desperately needs to innovate at the core level, pun intended. Users and experts have strongly voiced their opinions about the iPhone and the iOS going stale after 4/4S.

In order to increase its capabilities with the chip, Apple will have to rely on an expert partner. If this had been pre-patent-wars, things would've been much simpler. However, since Apple is actively seeking to break ties with Samsung, Intel would be the viable option unless Apple has been secretly doing it's own chip producing arrangement.

It will be interesting to watch this space because the real war is at the processor level. Android smartphones are far ahead already and Apple will not only have to catch up, but leapfrog if it needs to stay ahead of the game.

In the meanwhile, there's been no new rumor about the iPhone 6 release date or feature. We're still on the iPhone 5S trail – with a possible launch in mid-2013. But yes, we're still very suspicious of the nomenclature.