Rumors from China Times point out that Pegatron would be beginning the initial production of “iPhone 6“, Apple’s next flagship smartphone after the iPhone 5s. The production will begin sometime in Q2 (that’s April, May and June), leading up to the mass production in Q3 (July, Aug, Sep) and it subsequent release in September/October this year.

The rumors are in line with the expected annual update cycle that Apple seems to have adopted for its iPhone line-up. But the rumors aren’t revealing anything about how many iPhones would be launched. That’s left for more speculation.

iPhone 6 Production Starts in Q2 2014

Two iPhone 6 Versions?
Apple has been spreading the production to Pegatron and trying to find other companies for its chip-making. Foxconn continues to be the major supplier while Pegatron – according to reports – has been charged with more orders from Apple for production/assembly of iPhone.

The iPhone 6 has been widely rumored to feature a larger screen that could range anywhere between 4.7″ and 5.7″. Although a larger-than-five-inch iPhone seems way out of line for Apple’s design direction at the moment, the 4.7″ now seems like a possibility.

Note that we have absolutely no indication from anywhere that Apple is positively looking to boost the screen size. However, reports, commentary and analyses have been inundating the internet with this rumor/speculation. A larger-screen iPhone would have its own benefits for Apple but it is as yet very unclear if Apple is looking at a large iPhone.

Like the previous year when we had rumors about two iPhone models (that turned out to be true in iPhone 5c and 5s), the iPhone 6 has also been speculated to arrive in at least two versions, each with different screen sizes. A long time ago, analysts hinted that Apple is trying to bifurcate the iPhone into a Pro and a Consumer version (just like how it does with a Mac). May be that’s exactly what is Apple is trying to achieve with iPhone 6. A similar attempt with iPhone 5s and 5c turned out to be a failure of sorts for the iPhone 5c.

On Schedule
If the Q2 intial production rumor is true, we should have an iPhone 6 release date falling sometime in September or October. This is in keeping with the annual schedule.

iPhone 5c 8GB Version
In other news, we hear that Apple is launching an 8GB variant of iPhone 5c for subsidized rates in the European market. Initial reporting came through an internal communique from German carrier o2. Next up, Engadget leaked pictures that seem to testify the rumor.