iPhone 6 Plus Features and Price: List of Some of the Most Important Features

The iPhone 6 Plus features share much with the iPhone 6 features. Two of the major differences are the size (5.5″ screen) and the dedicated UI customizations for the iPhone 6 Plus.

Here’s a list of iPhone 6 Plus features. There are a few things that will surface only after we have tests done on the iPhone 6 Plus but till then, we go along with what Apple has announced in the keynote today.

Form Factor

The iPhone 6 Plus, in terms of form factor/size, should feel very much like a Galaxy Note. It features a 5.5″ screen as rumored and is 7.1mm thin which is thinner than the existing iPhone 5s. It’s amazing how Apple can go thinner with its iPhones when we’re still astounded at how thin and light the iPhone 5s is.

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The iPhone 6 Plus features an LED-backlit display with IPS tech. The resolution is 1080x1920px which is about the industry standard. Talk about retina display and we need the ppi count: it’s about 401ppi. Apple’s calling it Retina HD display.


The iPhone 6 Plus functions more as a mini version of iPad mini. One of the UI customizations that you wont find in iPhone 6 is the two-pane interface. The iPhone 6 Plus features an iPad-like dual-pane window in landscape mode.

There is also the landscape version of the homescreen which is quite interesting. The dock icons stay at the bottom (which, in landscape becomes the right side of the screen) and just rotate 90-deg to fit the landscape orientation.

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Apps generally scale to fit the iPhone 6 Plus but it also looks like there will be a specific customizations to the stock apps to make use of the larger screen real-estate.


One thing that happens when you hit beyond the 4″ cap is that you can no longer all parts of the screen with just one hand (that is, while holding and using the phone with one hand only, accessing the opposite-top zones becomes impossible). Samsung and other companies figured out a way to fix this by providing a scaling factor for the app when the one-hand-mode is activated. Apple takes a different approach.

With Reachability, you double touch the home button and the interface slides down to about half the height of the screen. This brings top-most buttons and links down so you can tap on them easily, with just one hand in use. As to how good this feature would be, we’ll know in the coming weeks.

SoC and M8

iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature the advanced A8 processor. It’s supposedly 13% smaller and 50% faster at processing graphics. It’s also, generally, 20% faster than A7. Club all this and it hopefully means good performance over less resources.

The iPhone 6 Plus also features the M8 motion co-processor. The M8 is now equipped with a barometric sensor that detects elevation based on relative pressure. The M8 is also capable of knowing when you’re walking, running or cycling!

iPhone 6 Plus Camera

One of the coolest things about iPhone 6 Plus is the optical image stabilization. While not new, OIS is a fantastic process by which camera shake is compensated by a movement in the camera lense arrangement. Patents to this effect and subsequent rumors hinted at this possibility.

Coupled with OIS, there’s also phase-detection autofocus. Basically, Apple’s raising the bar for its camera performance, yet again. The image stabilization also works wonders for videos with ‘cinematic video stabilization’.

When you record video, it’s 1080p at 60fps. Slow-mo, which was introduced in iPhone 5s, has been notched up to 240fps.


According to Apple, up to 3x faster Wi-Fi. That’s what your iPhone 6 Plus brings to the table. Couple that with other interesting features like VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling and you’ve got some minor upgrades to existing connectivity features on the iPhone 5s.

Apple Pay

Another cool addition is NFC. You would be able to use the iPhone 6 Plus to make payments via NFC and through a built-in system called Apple Pay.

Apple Pay is not just about NFC while that does exist as a primary feature. Apple Pay also lets you pay through apps without having to enter credit card info or go through hoops like how it happens currently. With Apple Pay, you can add credit cards, use info available from your iTunes account – and Apple says all payments are totally private. Neither Apple nor the cashier knows what you purchase, how much you purchase and your credit card info.

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iPhone 6 Plus Memory

Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus will come with three storage capacities. 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. Just like the iPhone 6, there is no 32GB variant here. Again, like all other iPhone announcements, there is no official spec on the RAM. But it’s very much possible that the iPhone 6 Plus features ~1GB RAM.

iPhone 6 Plus Battery Life

Apple says the iPhone 6 Plus should last 24 hours on normal usage. This will vary according to your usage patterns

iPhone 6 Plus Price & Release Date

The iPhone 6 Plus will be released on September 19th. You can pre-order the iPhone on September 12th.

As to price, the iPhone 6 Plus will cost $100 more than the iPhone 6 for all the three tiers.

  • 16GB = $299
  • 64GB = $399
  • 128GB = $499