Creating mockups based on rumored devices has become a ritual in the world of iPhones and iPads. The feverish pace at which mockups were created for iPhone 5s is now being topped by another feverish pace of designing mockups for iPhone 6.

We have a lot of insight into iPhone 6 features starting from the 4.7″ display size for one version of the iPhone 6 to the 6.1mm thickness (thinner than current iPhone 5s). We also know that the iPhone 6 is likely to sport a curved-corner design that is reminiscent of the iPod Touch. With all this, it's not hard to imagine the iPhone 6. And with great designers around, it's not hard to find mockups either. Here we go:

iPhone 6 Prototypes

The First iPhone 6 Mockup

One of the first mockups of the iPhone emerged courtesy and Martin Hajek, the industry's top-notch mockup designer who sparks most of the discussions around iPhone's rumored design. The initial design was possible thanks to a few photo leaks that claimed to be case schematics.

Needless to say, the designs are impressive but not close to what we'll get to see later in the dummy molds.

First iPhone 6 Mockup

Dummy iPhone 6 Molds: First Tangible Molds

There were some more iPhone 6 concept offshoots after the initial release, none as impressive as the first but quite good to look at. For a few seconds.

Nowwhereelse followed it up with something more spectacular: a physical dummy mold. This reminded me of those days of iPhone 4 when a prototype was leaked and the photos splashed all over the web.

Dummy iPhone 6 Mold

The dummy mold, which looked interestingly realistic, gives us the perspective of how the iPhone 6 4.7″ would possibly look in our palms. The mold doesn't reveal much about the exact specifics related to the iPhone 6. But the little details (pill-shaped volume buttons and the round LED flash (iPhone 5s has a pill-shaped dual-flash) were replicated.

Space Grey iPhone 6 Mockup

This space-grey mockup is far more realistic. Now, you see the front panel too, with the large display and the TouchID buttons (complete with the ring around it). A white front panel and a silver back panel completes the space-grey mockup.

Space Grey iPhone 6 Mockup

Gold Silver Casing iPhone 6 Mockup

The iPhone 5s came in three colors: black (space grey), white and gold. The gold was a new addition to the usual colors. It is expected that the trend / pattern would continue in iPhone 6 too. And so, we have gold mockups created along with the usual space grey and white. The mockups do not reveal much or newer things than what we have known previously.

Gold Silver Casing iPhone 6 Mockup

iPod Touch-inspired iPhone 6 Mockup

But of all releases so far, this should be the best iPhone 6 mockup ever. The quality, the detail, the realistic portrayal: everything is just perfect. If the rumors have been spot on, then this is the device we're going to be looking at during the launch of iPhone 6.

iPod Touch-inspired iPhone 6 Mockup

Incidentally, you probably noticed that there is no 5.5″ dummy/mockup of the iPhone 6. We have very little details about that monster and the design elements are very different for a phone that large. The 4.7″, comparatively, is easier to talk about.

Most recently, we heard rumors about the 4.7″ iPhone 6 release date being advanced to August while the 5.5″ iPhone 6 is expected to be launched in the yearly-cycle (September/October 2014).