Commissioned by, Martin Hajek has designed some curious mockups of what’s supposedly the next iPhone 6, featuring a large, edge-to-edge 4.6″ display. The display sure looks large but I think they’ve completely missed the point of what Apple’s (or more specifically, Johnny Ive’s) design principles are.

The iPhone 6 mockups, you’ll notice, look pretty different although I’d go as far as to say that it’s a little ugly hybrid of the iPhone and the Galaxy S III. The edge-to-edge screen renders the design awkward too but for folks who’re looking forward to a larger display in the next iPhone upgrade, this might come as a welcome solution. Yet, I feel that the design has lost the Apple-aesthetic. Totally.

iPhone 6 Mockup

However, there are a few interesting things as noted by Christian of iDownloadblog.

1. Notice that the iPhone 6 mockups don’t show a home button? The explanation given is that Apple might be switching to an all-touch and NFC-based sensors (following their recent acquisition of AuthenTec). NFC has been long rumored (it was for iPhone 5, but it never really came to fruition) but the key idea is still valid. Apple will go for NFC in the next iteration.

2. According to the mockups, the screen would be 4.6″ – a full .6″ larger than iPhone 5. This will make watching movies a better experience although from the present design, things look a little too awkward. I really can’t see beyond the edge-to-edge thing. It just doesn’t bezel well.

3. The unibody design features a strong semblance to iPad (from the back) with its anodized-style plates. In fact, in one of the mockups, the iPhone 6 looks like another version of the iPad Mini.

4. Interestingly, the 4.6″ resolution fetches an extra column for dock icons.

5. There’s also another mockup which shows the same design rendered for a 4″ display. Possibly, another iPhone 6 (cheaper/smaller variant) which is a little better. Still, it’s just a mockup so you can’t make decisions based on that.

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