A new video clearly shows what the iPhone 6 looks, finally, in comparison to the latest flagship iPhone out there on the market: the iPhone 5s. No surprises there but a thinner, rounded-corner, iPod touch-like iPhone does seem a little exciting, given the prospect of the larger screen.

We have already seen a lot of iPhone 6 mockups: a few of them compared to iPod touch 5th gen, some compared to HTC M8 and Samsung Galaxy S5. This one, however, should be the standard here. An iPhone 6 compared to the iPhone 5s.

iPhone 6 Mockup Compared to iPhone 5s

Every iPhone trumps the previous model. The iPhone 6 is expected to do pretty much the same thing to iPhone 5s. We know very little of what would be inside the iPhone 6 (the A8 is a given, as is the Motion Co-processor), but we assume that we almost know a lot of stuff about how the iPhone 6 would look (along with its dimensional spec).

All the mockups we’ve seen so far – including the dummy models – feature a ~4.7″ display, following all the rumors and consistent speculation about the large-screen display. The “other” iPhone 6 (the pro- version with the ~5.5″ screen) is conspicuously out of all the mockup games.

The video clearly depicts how the iPhone 6 stacks up to the iPhone 5s in terms of dimensions.

First off, it’s bigger. At the moment, we can only assume that it’s still “palm-friendly” which lets you use the iPhone 6 predominantly in one hand.

Secondly, it’s thinner and hopefully, lighter. Apple’s obsession with thinner and lighter devices is probably still sticking around. Last year, the company introduced the iPad Air which was lighter than the previous iPad (iPad 4). Apparently, this year, we get to see a reduction in thickness and weight in the iPhone.

Note that the dummy models shown in the video are based off schematics that were leaked earlier this year. The validity of those schematics itself is questionable – but consistency in the rumor mills has pointed to a 4.7″ device all along so we’re going with the story.

The iPhone 6 is expected to be released in September/October. However, a recent rumor hinted that the iPhone 6 release date might be advanced to August.