A few case-renders and dummy cases and a few mock-ups based on leaks and rumors later, we think we know a little about how the iPhone 6 looks. All of the information everyone has right now is based on two things: rumors and speculations. While that's not a good thing to start with, history has shown that these are pretty much almost always close to truth. Frank Hill reports that iPhone 6 might feature NFC payment processing.

So let's take stock of where we are. The iPhone 6 is expected to arrive later this year, sometime around September/October 2014. Let's keep up to speed on the rumors/speculations about the device.

iPhone 6 Features Roundup

The iPhone 6 Resembles the iPod Touch
Of all the things that seems to be certain, the iPhone 6 appears to feature a curved-design not unlike the iPod Touch. In fact, most commentators have noted that the iPhone 6 derives its design cues from the iPod Touch. There's a lot riding on this.

We don't know why Apple is going in for the curved design but the form-factor that we've been seeing in the various leaks, case renders, sketches and mock ups, the iPhone 6 looks a lot like a bigger iPod Touch 5th gen.

It's thinner. Again.
One remarkable thing about iPhone 6 is that it's thinner than the iPhone 5s. Rumors point to a thickness that's 6.1mm – about 1.5mm less than the iPhone 5s. For a product category that's already thin and light enough, 6.1mm seems very thin indeed. However, Apple has this fetish for thinner and lighter products that hasn't stopped.

By virtue of being thinner, iPhone 6 might be lighter too. But given the fact that the product is larger and may possibly have a different material in the making, we can't be sure of how much lighter the iPhone 6 would get.

The 4.7″ Display Is A Given.
There's a definite assumption that the iPhone 6 is going to be large. And indications about it have been positive (but only from the rumor mill so far).

Initial speculation has been hinting at two iPhones: one with a 4.7″ display and another with a 5.5″ display. However, all the details we've seen so far have been those of an iPhone 6 with the ~4.7″ display. The only thing that keeps the 5.5″ display option open is that Apple has created this pattern of two iPhones in the last release.

Sapphire Glass for the display.
Sapphire glass has been a consistent but non-highlighted theme of iPhone 6. Apple has, according to reports, commissioned production of sapphire glass and has invested quite a lot of money into the tech.

Sapphire glass is already a part of the iPhone: the camera involves sapphire glass. The glass is harder and stronger and more resistant to scratch and general damage. Apple has been widely rumored to be going in for sapphire glass for the iPhone 6's display.

Better camera?
Of the other iPhone 6 features that have been hinted at, camera upgrades were mentioned in KGI's report. Speculations by financial analysts are usually supposed to be taken with a grain of salt. Ming-Chi Kuo, however, has a few supply chain contacts that have correctly predicted a few features from the past.

The Buttons.
“Pill-shaped”, the volume buttons are expected to be lengthier than the iPhone 5s counterparts. And the most-talked-about change is the power-button (sleep/wake button) which is purportedly placed on the side instead of the top. This is to ensure that the user is still able to lock the iPhone 6 using just one hand, despite the larger screen size.