Since our last iPhone 6 feature (rumor) roundup, we've come across a lot of rumors about more features of the iPhone 6. From some solid speculation on the resolution to the battery capacity, from possible storage capacity boosts to the dimensions of the device, there's quite a bunch of information we need to collate.

Following the initial iPhone 6 rumored feature roundup, here's an upgraded iPhone 6 feature roundup that we've put together based on the reports of the past month.

iPhone 6 Feature Rumor The 128GB Model Might Just Be True

Physical Dimensions of iPhone 6

For much of the time in the last few months, we've seen a lot of iPhone 6 front and rear panel leaks. In fact, by now, we've seen so much of these shells and skeletons that I think the shape of the iPhone 6 wouldn't be a surprise on the d-day.

Nevertheless, concrete details of what could possibly be iPhone 6's dimension leaked a few days ago. Someone purportedly leaked what looks like a Foxconn internal doc. And the doc reveals info about iPhone 6 dimensions for both the rumored models (4.7″ and 5.5″).

  • 4.7″ iPhone 6: 138x66x6.9mm
  • 5.5″ iPhone 6: 158x78x7.7mm
  • Compare that to iPhone 5/5s: 123x58x7.6mm

One tidbit that could possibly be a bother for many of us (at least right this moment) is the protruding camera that is supposedly popping out of the rear shell's plane.

iPhone 6 Resolution & Display

Of the things that we can infer only at the eleventh-hour is the resolution. Many times, resolution values are hinted in the code (iOS 8 beta / Xcode beta). There were initial rumors about the 4.7″ iPhone 6 featuring a display with a resolution of 960x1704px. We now have information that this value could belong to the 5.5″ model.

The 4.7″ iPhone 6, as reported by 9to5Mac, could feature a 828x1472px resolution.

iPhone 6 Storage

While the iPhone 6 is likely to come with the same variants in storage capacity (16GB, 32GB and 64GB), there are strong indications that it could also feature a 128GB version. Order docs published by GeekBar show that Toshiba is involved in making the 128GB disk allegedly for the iPhone 6.

Battery Capacity of iPhone 6

A larger iPhone 6 obviously needs more juice. There were a few discussions about the battery capacity in both the models – with some contradictory rumors too. The latest reading is that the 4.7″ iPhone 6 will feature a ~1800+mAh battery with the 5.5″ model featuring something that's closer to the 2100mAh range.

The Biometric Sensor

Rumors about iPhone 6 featuring a barometric weather sensor came out early last month. Just recently, these were reinforced with the schematic leak from GeekBar. A new chip, labeled “Phosphorous” and carrying a serial “BMP282”, is supposedly a barometric chip from Bosch that could find its place in the iPhone 6. The chip doesn't stop at GPS enhancements and weather data, but can also help the Health app through its spirometry feature.

Enhancements: A8, Wi-Fi

Rumors about the SoC and the Wi-fi are few and at best sketchy. People in the circle talk about enhancements to the A8 chip that would power the iPhone 6. There are also indications that Apple is working on enhancing Wi-Fi reception in iPhone 6. These are, however, quite unconfirmed even at the rumor level.

One feature we're looking forward to is enhancements in camera and general iPhonography. iOS 8 brings in a ton of improvements to the camera app and the capabilities. It should be interesting to watch how the hardware complements this.

iPhone 6's Release Date / Launch

The iPhone 6 is expected to be announced at a September 9 media event. The release might then be on September 19th (Friday). Re/code has learnt that Apple is hosting a media event on September 9 so the iPhone 6's launch is most likely happening on that day.