Close on the heels of news reports about the Sept 9 event (that is most-likely the launch of the iPhone 6), here’s VentureBeat reporting that the iPhone 6 will feature an A8 chip, NFC capability, faster Wi-fi and strangely, no sapphire display as mentioned earlier.

Another report, through GforGames, says that the iPhone 6 will feature a 46% battery bump from the existing iPhone 5 battery. That’s 2,100mAh of battery capacity, an increase of 660mAh from the 1440mAh in iPhone 5.

iPhone 6 Features A8 Processor, 2100mAh Battery, Better Wi-Fi & More

Yesterday, we posted about the September 9 Apple Media event, as reported by Re/code. It looks very likely that Apple will launch the iPhone 6 on Sept 9 and follow it up with the release on Sept 19. In the post, we mentioned that the core features of the device were still not very clear.

A8 Confirmed, Obviously

The A8 chip is a no-brainer. Every iPhone model features an upgraded chip. The iPhone 5s features A7 and the iPhone 5 features A6. VenturBeat claims that its sources in the loop “confirmed” that the iPhone 6 will indeed feature the A8 SoC which boasts of an improved performance over the A7.

It also seems that the iPhone 6 will feature a better Wi-fi chip. Although this is just part of the rumors (and not exactly confirmed), better Wi-fi has been in the offing for quite sometime.

NFC, Yes Or No?

Near-field Communcation has been a point of contention for long now. Will the iPhone feature NFC? Would Apple go for it finally? There was much anticipation during iPhone 5 and 5s but Apple chose to reveal only Passbook and iBeacons. The expectations of an NFC-featuring iPhone 6 are picking up steam. The report from VB does mention that the iPhone 6 will boast of an NFC feature but that is to be taken with a grain of salt.

No Sapphire Display?

It also appears that the rumors about sapphire display might be wrong. VB says that the iPhone 6 features a different sort of a glass which is stronger than Gorilla Glass but smoother than sapphire crystal.

46% More Battery

But the most important news comes from another source. GforGames picked up a Weibo post about a note by analyst Sun Chang Xu.

According to the note, iPhone 6 will feature a 2100mAh battery. That’s a 46% bump from the 1440mAh in iPhone 5s. While we’ve anticipated that the iPhone 6 will definitely include a larger/power-packed battery owing to a lot of enhancements (larger screen, powerful processor etc.), there were no concrete details about the spec. Although this is just some analyst’s note, it is close to the earlier-rumor about that 1800+mAh battery.