But that was a rumor shot into the wild by analyst Ming-chi Kuo. Today, GforGames via GeekBar reports that the iPhone 6 possibly has a 128GB variant. The sources for this proposition are a few leaked schematics that GeekBar has obtained.

Apple was slow enough to add a 128GB variant to the iPad which puts some perspective on how it might approach a 128GB iPhone. Even though rumors about a 128GB iPhone have been flying all throughout since last year, there has been no device of that sort.

iPhone 6 Feature Rumor The 128GB Model Might Just Be True

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GeekBar posted photos of what look like schematics (purportedly of iPhone 6) featuring a disk that reads 128GB. This is followed up by another image that shows who’s producing/supplying the disks.

128GB iPhone 6 Model

There are three variants shown in the list: 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. The 128GB is solely provided by Toshiba while the other capacities are provided by Toshiba, Sandisk and Hynix. The absence of 32GB has led to some reports speculating that Apple could drop the iPhone 6 32GB but we’re not buying that speculation.

While the 16GB version is quite popular, there are indications that people are migrating to the larger versions (32 and 64GB). In enterprise, the standard is usually 32 or 64GB as people store a lot of data through apps right on their iPhones.

iPhone 6 with 128GB Storage

The fact that common users use the iPhone as their music player also has a bearing on going for larger capacity iPhones.

As I said before, folks are speculating that Apple could drop the 32GB. What looks more likely is that it could drop the 16GB and start the iPhone 6 series at 32GB (which might sell at $199 on contract). That sounds like a plan although since we’re talking about Apple, there’s no saying what it ends up doing. Would I like to see the 16GB go, to be replaced by the 32GB for the same price tag? Sure, I would.

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