GeekBar came out with another schematic of what was initially proposed to be an iPhone 6 coprocessor (an upgrade to the M7). The chip shown in the schematic is labeled “Phosphorous”. Turns out it could be much more interesting than being a coprocessor upgrade.

According to a forum poster on MacRumors, the chip could actually be a barometric pressure sensor that has a variety of functions up its sleeve.

iPhone 6 to Feature Phosphorous Chip Is Mostly A Barometric Pressure Sensor for the iPhone

Forum member “leecbaker” (who is apparently an Embedded Systems Engineer according to his LinkedIn profile), says that the part (labeled BMP282) is most likely a variant of a Bosch barometric pressure sensor chip that goes by the name BMP280.

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The chip has a variety of interesting functions. For starters, it enhances the GPS prowess of the iPhone 6 with indoor navigation and additions to outdoor navigation. As a barometric pressure sensor, the chip will also let your iPhone 6 predict weather. But most importantly, the chip also features spirometry functions which measure/track lung function. This is interesting because iOS 8 has an intense focus on health through the Health app and the accompanying HealthKit framework.

iPhone 6 Feature Rumor Phosphorous Chip

The chip can also do rise/sink velocity calculations, elevation counts etc.

It does make more sense and aligns with some of the earliest rumors we heard about iPhone 6’s capabilities in barometry and altimetry.

Initially, GeekBar and G4Games had reported that the chip could be an upgraded version of the M7 coprocessor. The serial data line labeling was probably misinterpreted which was later clarified on the MacRumor forum post.

GeekBar has some access to these schematics of the interiors of the iPhone 6. In an earlier schematic that we posted about, the iPhone 6 was shown to feature a 128GB storage disk/drive.