As we inch closer to the unveiling of iPhone 6, there’s a little more info about iPhone 6 features. 9to5Mac has found references to what could possibly be iPhone 6’s resolution in the Xcode 6 beta released yesterday.

This is in line with some initial reports that surfaced a few months back. The resolution of iPhone 6 (4.7″) could possibly be 828x1472px.

iPhone 6 Could Feature A 828x1472px Resolution

Another report, this one from Feld & Volk via MacRumors, hints at a different resolution for the iPhone 6: 960x1704px. There are some descripencies as noted by MacRumors.

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Feld & Volk has been, of late, releasing quite a lot of iPhone 6-related materials. Yesterday, these folks released photos of what they claim to be a fully-assembled front and back shell of the iPhone 6. Following this, the website also posted about iPhone 6’s resolution.

The report is accompanied by what seems to be a microscopic photo of the display/screen. But as MacRumors points out, the photo doesn’t corroborate the values claimed. However, the photo does fit in with the resolution value claimed by 9to5Mac.

It is possible that the higher resolution corresponds to the 5.5″ iPhone 6 but we can’t be sure yet. May be someone will dig deeper and find more resolution pointers in the code.

If the resolutions do turn out to be the right ones, the iPhone 6 will have a pixel density of 355 – 360.

iWatch Delay

In another news, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo of KGI appears to be doubtful of a 2014 iWatch release. According to him, there are still many production delays that could delay iWatch’s launch. Kuo has been partly-right and partly-wrong Apple-related predictions in the past so this info needs to be taken with a grain of salt.

The iWatch was initially rumored to be launched in October this year. If Kuo’s words were to come true, we won’t see an iWatch till 2015.