Apple is planning to hold a media evening on September 9, and if rumors about that are true, it is most likely that the iPhone 6 will be announced on that day.

Re/code says that Apple has scheduled a big media event for September 9. Earlier rumors about iPhone 6 release date have consistently pointed to a mid-September launch. Well, this could be it. We’re almost there.

iPhone 6 Possibly Launching on September 9

Apple has typically stuck to a September launch for the iPhones in the recent past. It announces the new device sometime in early/mid-September and releases the iPhone into the market about a week later. Mostly, it’s Friday when the iPhones hit the shelves.

Exactly which of the two purported models will be announced/released is not known although the general idea is that both the 4.7″ and the 5.5″ iPhones will be simultaneously announced, if not launched.

There’s a lot of rumors riding the waves about iPhone 6 features. Except the 4.7″ display (that’s made of Sapphire glass, purportedly), the next-gen iPhone would have an A8 chip, the same TouchID that the iPhone 5s features right now and (again), if the rumors are to be believed, enhanced battery spec.

There have been occasional rumors about production and part manufacturing delays – most of which pertains to the 5.5″ model. That has analysts claiming that Apple would launch the 5.5″ much later, possibly in October.

We’ve seen a lot of leaks of the front and back panels of the 4.7″ iPhone 6. In fact, it would appear that these things are strewn all over the web.

Should Apple announce iPhone 6 on September 9, the release date is most likely to be on September 19th.

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