What does a 31% faster A7-chip really mean to iPhone 5S users? Or what does an extra chip for motion sensing mean? To some of us, a lot.

Similar to how the iPad 4 turned out to be a lot faster than iPad 3 despite featuring just a small processor upgrade, the iPhone 5S apparently is lightning fast according to fresh rumors that came up this Sunday.

It has been long known that the iPhone 5S will feature an A7 chip built on the 28nm architecture. That the processor will introduce upgrades to the performance of iPhone is also well-known but clear numbers are cropping up just days before the September 10 launch.

iPhone 5S A7 Chip Rumor

According to Clayton Morris of Fox News, sources indicate that the new iPhone 5S chips run as much as 31% faster than the old A6 chips. He also tweeted that there might be a separate motion-sensing/tracking chip besides the A7. And that’s something new.

Of the many iPhone 5S features that have been rumored, upgrades to camera are a consistent patch that we’ve talked about repeatedly. It’s kind of interesting to see what a dual-LED flash-powered, F/2.0-aperture camera can do in low light. But more importantly, we’re also looking forward to the 120fps slow-motion feature that was rumored earlier.

The fingerprint sensing home-button appears to be a given although it’s still a cat-on-the-wall situation for speculators. Reports suggest that a user need to just press the home button for the fingerprint-sensing to trigger and authenticate the user.

Separately, there’s some chatter about a 64-bit chip but with iOS 7 still retaining the 32-bit flavor, it seems hardly possible for the big change.

Gurman of 9To5Mac has stated that the budget iPhone 5C would just be a plastic variant of iPhone 5 throwing some more light into the speculation of Apple pushing iPhone 5 out. Although this seems widely off the mark, we have our own doubts about this rumor not becoming a reality.