The iPhone 5 surpassed the expectations of Apple Inc. and Apple fans are waiting with their bated breath for the descendant of the iPhone 5. We all know that Apple doesn’t believe in resting on its laurels. As usual, the team of the company has indulged itself in the efforts regarding enhancing the features of the next iPhone, in order to make it more functional and more attractive.

An insider from Saigon Electrics revealed on Monday that the successor of the iPhone 5 is expected to feature 12MP Camera. This company is the Vietnamese branch of that Japanese company which is expert in manufacturing components, especially camera modules for iPhone, for Cupertino-based leading tech firm Apple Inc. If reports are to be believed, the company has incorporated enhanced HDR capabilities and superior low-light photography in iPhone 5S camera. These features will allow for superior level of intensity and the colors will appear more realistic while clicking images in extreme conditions related to lighting like faint starlight or direct sunlight.

iPhone 5S Feature Rumors

As far as the credibility of the source is concerned, Tinhte, Vn ( A Vietnam Publication) has several credible revelations at its kitty. It revealed a credible information regarding iPad 3 regarding equipping 1GB of RAM. After that, it was the first one to disclose information about revamped EarPods and iPad 3 unboxing. Thus, it is apparent that we can’t take a new revelation made by this credible source for granted.

Prominent anticipated iPhone 5S Features include NFC capability, A7 quad core chip processor and IGZO screen 4.8 inch display. iPhone 5S Release Date is expected to fall anytime after the month of June, this year. Apparently, camera aspect has always been a kind of sore point for Apple that has compelled phone users to opt for far superior alternatives of Smartphones, in terms of camera aspect. By integrating PureView camera in its Nokia Lumia 920 model, Nokia has been successful in the effort of protecting its market share.

By working on the possibilities for improvement on camera, Apple has corroborated once again that it cares for the wish list of its fans and don’t believing in missing out a single opportunity related to the improvements. iPhone fans will certainly feel delighted after knowing that the interface related to upcoming iPhone’s camera may not be superior like Nokia’s PureView, but it is undoubtedly faster than earlier. The upgrade is surely a commendable one. If improving camera capabilities can be a saving grace for Nokia then imagine what it would be capable of doing to Apple Inc. that is already riding high.

Via: MacRumors