AppleInsider cites report from a Chinese website (EMSOne) pointing to fresh rumors about iPhone 5S launch date and a new wave of the cheap iPhone speculation. There’s a ton of information in the report which in turn cites investor notes from analysts in Barclays Capital.

Investor notes usually turn up a lot of information which will need rigorous filtering and must be subjected to litmus tests. In this case, the analyst sources appear to be manufacturing orders placed in the recent quarter and predictions that appear to be in place.

While rumors of iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 and the evasive cheap iPhone have been running around for a while, this time somethings are getting a little concrete. We just recently posted about the iPhone 6 from rumors in Macotakara stating that the launch date could be pushed to as far back as 2014. Although we did have our own reservations regarding that, the recent rumor seems to add up to it.


If the iPhone 5S has a release date window of August 2013, it is obvious that the iPhone 6 would be pushed to 2014.

Key Takeaways from the Rumors

  1. Apple would be working with both Foxconn and Pegatron to build its “cheaper iPhone”. The cheaper variant, as was noted in the earlier rumor, would be accomplished by using polycarbonate instead of the usual glass or plastic materials.
  2. The cheaper iPhone would carry a non-global LTE according to the investor report. It looks like the iPhone (cheaper) would support only the FDD (frequency division duplex) and would therefore be irrelevant to China Mobile (which uses time division duplex).
  3. Qualcomm’s latest LTE chip, which is compatible with more than 40 bands (including that of China Mobile) is expected to be a part of the iPhone 5S – specifically so that it’s compatible with China Mobile’s network to tap into its 700 million user-base. The iPhone 5 is not compatible with China Mobile’s LTE network as of now.
  4. Although Pegatron appears as a possible manufacturer of the rumored cheap iPhone, it doesn’t figure in the production of iPhone 5S.

So that’s about all the rumors we’ve had for now. I’m still kind of doubtful about the nomenclature though. iPhone 5S? I mean, why?

Source: AppleInsider