The iPhone 5s finally reaches India. In the coming days, you should be able to order your iPhone 5s via Apple reseller’s websites. The smartphone will also be available at popular Apple reseller shops like Croma, Sales India etc. Apple stores will also be selling the iPhone 5s.

The iPhone 5s price in India starts at a whopping Rs. 53,500 and goes up to Rs 71,500 for the higher-end model. Here’s the pricing in detail:

iPhone 5s Price in India

iPhone 5s Pricing in India

  • iPhone 5s 16GB – Rs.53,500
  • iPhone 5s 32GB – Rs.62,500
  • iPhone 5s 64GB – Rs.71,500

The iPhone 5c retains the price of the iPhone 5 that came out last year. The iPhone 5s, with all its fingerprint sensor glory and massive hardware upgrades, costs a full Rs.1,600 more than a 16GB iPhone 5c. Incidentally, the iPhone 5c 32GB has the same price as iPhone 5s 16GB.

With the iPhone 5s out in the Indian market, it would be interesting to watch how the numbers show up on the sales charts. The iPhone enjoys an “okay” kind of a response in India but Samsung and Android have almost taken over the entire market. Apple does not have any particular strategy to grab the Android-seeking customers but it hopes that quality will reign supreme in the Indian market too.

Lack of contracts or subsidized prices makes it hard for an iPhone to compete with cheaper Android alternatives. Attempts by Airtel and Aircel to introduce contract-based plans haven’t fared well either.

Elsewhere, the iPhone 5c hasn’t been performing good in the market. It would be quite an interesting thing to watch how it does in the Indian market. Anyone willing to upgrade from an iPhone 5 would obviously choose the iPhone 5s. Would the rest of the customer base that owns an iPhone 4/4s have the same mentality? That is something we have to wait and watch.

Needless to say, the pricing is not all too surprising. The iPhone 5s has considerable improvements over the iPhone 5  most notably, the TouchID fingerprint sensor feature and A7 chip along with the M7 coprocessor. Read more on iPhone 5s features.