When it comes to iPhone news, Droidgator isn’t a name we’ve heard ever but it looks like they’ve got something. We have our own suspicions on the leaked iPhone 5S chip image but then, here’s what it has to offer.

It has long been anticipated that the next chip to get in line is the A7. The A6 and A6X powering the smartphone and tab series from Apple has been a matter of intense research in circles because Apple has been designing the chips themselves.

The leaked photo – purportedly sent to Droidgator by an Apple employee – shows what looks exactly like the chip on iPhone 5. The CPU however has the “A7” label on it and that raises some quetsions.

iPhone 5S Leaked Motherboard

While Droidgator does report that the the IP checks on the email do seem to emanate from Cupertino, all of this still looks unconvincing.

The report goes on to speculate about the spec sheet on iPhone “5S” – rumored through various sources – including the powerful quad-core A7 chip. In view of all the competing smartphones in the market, with flagship models wielding a quad-core chip almost compulsorily, it does sound like Apple would switch to a quad-core processor with iPhone “5S”.

Droidgator also posits that the iPhone 5S might arrive with a 2GB RAM. All said and done, you’ve got take all this with a large grain of salt.

Other rumors surrounding iPhone 5S’s features have included multiple-color variants, some very strong rumors about NFC and fingerprint tech embedded onto the iPhone and of course, the possibility of camera enhancements. Besides these, it is also rumored – and widely expected – that Apple will overhaul the iOS 7 to make sure the iPhone 5S, which is touted as a minor hardware enhancement over iPhone 5, will have a grand USP to go with.