A few weeks back, we heard rumor from the Japanese blog Macotakara about fingerprint sensor tech coming to iPhone 5S, effectively changing the way of authentication. It’s now time for more speculations regarding the same thing although this time, even the iWatch is rumored to get that feature.

Fingerprint sensors and Apple have been the talk of the town ever since the Cupertino company acquired AuthenTec, a company specifically doing fingerprint tech.

The last time Apple did a similar acquisition, it ended up with a popular thing on the iPhone 4S – Siri. So is this acquisition really going to make the iPhone 5S feature a fingerprint sensor under the home button (as speculated recently)?

iTruePrint Cross

Brian White of Topeka Capital – an investor analyst who has been frequently predicting stuff about Apple for quite sometime now – says that Apple would be including this specific fingerprint tech on both the iPhone 5S and iWatch. The report comes in the wake of his meeting with component suppliers in China. Now that would put some seriousness to this claim.

It’s somewhat agreeable to foresee a future where the iWatch comes with something similar to what White predicts. However, judging by the recent chatter around folks like Gruber and Ritchie who’ve got people behind the lines, it seems kind of hasty to predict that the iPhone 5S would arrive with a fingerprint sensor technology.

Irrespective of my opinion, a lot of people are actually interested in this kind of a tech. It isn’t going to be a disruptive tech but it would definitely revolutionize to a large extent authentication modules on the iPhone. At the user end, this would mean no more frequent password entry.

Would a fingerprint sensor on the iPhone 5S mean a lot to you? Think it will make a huge difference?

Source: AppleInsider