The iPhone 5S is coming in Gold, Slate and Silver. And it's 40X faster than the iPhone 5, which is going to be replaced by iPhone 5S and 5C this year.

Confirming almost all rumors about iPhone 5S, Apple today unveiled the new smartphone – an upgrade over the old iPhone 5 released almost the same time last year. iPhone 5S is, as expected, a performance upgrade with some really interesting specs.

TouchID: The FingerPrint Sensor is Here

A new way to authenticate, finally and something that's way more secure than anything.

iPhone 5S Feature Rumors

All rumors about the fingerprint sensor under the home button, with that ring turned out to be true. The iPhone 5S will feature state-of-the-art fingerprint sensor that goes by these specs:

  • 170 microns thin
  • 550ppi resolution
  • 360-degree readability

The TouchID sensor is made up four layers: Sapphire crystal, the ring, the touch sensor and tactile switch.

  •  There are three best things about the fingerprint feature:
  • It can handle multiple fingerprints so you can use more than one finger
  • You can use fingerprints to authenticate iTunes purchases

And the data about your fingerprint is never going online so your fingerprint is safe. At least, that's the impression being created in view of all the recent NSA crap.

56% Better Graphics, 40X Better Processor

Perhaps, the biggest change is the SoC, CPU, GPU which ultimately leads us to the performance part of iPhone 5S.

Apple says that the iPhone 5S is 56% faster in terms of graphics and the CPU is 2 times faster than the previous one. The iPhone 5S will run the new A7 chip.

The A7-chip is built on 64-bit architecture, giving it a considerable edge over all other platforms so far. This is the first time an iPhone (or any smartphone) will feature a 64-bit architecture processor.

IOS 7 will be compatible to run on 64-bit. So will be Apple's apps and Xcode will support 64-bit so it should be easier for developers to upgrade their apps to this new thing.

The New M7 Chip: Apple's not stopping with the A7. There's a new chip called the M7 which is specifically geared towards motion “coprocessing”. What it does is something we'll get to see later. But Apple says that it will be for real-time motion-tracking – which takes up a lot of resources and a separate chip for it might take the load off A7.

Camera: Apple Does it Again

I'm just going to let you drool over the features:

iPhone 5S's has an 8 MP camera with a new F2.2 aperture consisting a five-element lens system.

  1. Slo-Mo with 120fps @ 720p HD: You capture HD videos at 120fps and that's your slo-mo – something that even top-notch digital cameras can't replicate.
  2. When you click a picture, your iPhone 5S camera is actually capturing several pics, comparing them all, finding the best ones and merging them intelligently to provide… you guessed it.. the BEST photography on a smartphone. Apple's still at the leading edge of technology, folks.
  3. The pill-shaped LED turned out to be dual-LED flash as expected. It clubs one warm and one cold LED that merge smartly to provide a “True Tone flash” – flash that throws natural light.
  4. Apple will also bring Image Stabilization.
  5. The panorama is 28MP (not new) but this time around, there's going to be auto exposure levels while you pan.

iPhone 5S Features at Glance:

  • Physical: It's the same as iPhone 5
  • RAM: 1GB
  • Memory: 16, 32 and 64 GB.
  • CPU: A7 64-bit SoC
  • GPU: M7 “Motion Coprocessor”
  • Battery: 10 hrs (3G, LTE), 250 hrs (Standby)
  • Camera: 8MP, Slo-Mo (120fps @ 720pHD)
  • TouchID: Fingerprint sensor under home button

iPhone 5S Price with Contract:

The iPhone 5S will be out on a two-year contract with these price-tags

  • $199 (16GB)
  • $299 (32GB)
  • $399 (64GB)



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