KGI analyst Ming-Chi Kuo is back with his set of predictions for Apple’s September 10 event will launch the iPhone 5S and possibly iPhone 5C.

This time around, the predictions are iPhone 5S-specific. Things predicted are a “gold”- colored iPhone, a high-end 128GB iPhone, a faster camera with a larger aperture (f/2) and somewhat surely, a powerful A7-chip that is 20% more efficient.

Most reports and rumors have pointed to multi-colored iPhone 5C, the cheaper, budget variant of the iPhone. It’s only Kuo who has been consistently saying that the iPhone 5S would arrive with a couple of color variations. In a note issued to investors, Kuo seems to have noted that the iPhone 5S would have a gold-color shell.

The device in gold does look fabulous but it does seem out of context for Apple to release a fancy version of the iPhone 5S.

iPhone 5S Features Predictions

Among other predictions, Kuo also notes that there will be a high-end 128 GB iPhone. The largest capacity of iPhones has so far been 64 GB. However, Apple did reveal a 128GB iPad recently paving way for rumors about a high-end iPhone with the same amount of memory. If the iPhone 5S features a 128 GB variant, it would be the perfect iPod Touch with phone app. The investor note does not hint at the price of this variant though.

The other interesting thing that came in our radar was the f/2.0 aperture of the camera. We’ve known for quite sometime now that the camera on iPhone 5S is going to be worked upon. Better specs seem to be the order of the day for Apple. Apparently, a larger aperture is on the cards according to a few predictions including that of Ming-Chi Kuo.

Finally, Apple creates a new, upgraded chip with every iPhone launch. This time around, it’s the A7, which – according to Kuo – is based on the ARMv8 architecture. This is reportedly 20% more efficient resulting in a powerful performance while keeping the power consumption low.

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