iPhone 5s/5 Pouch From Snugg

It is not often that we find ourselves writing about a simple leather pouch for the iPhone. But in Snugg’s iPhone 5 / 5s Pouch, you find a craft that has been perfected to an insane level. For people looking for a case that speaks style and function, the leather pouch from Snugg gets a big seal of recommendation.

An iPhone pouch case is different from a regular case: when you’re not using the iPhone, the pouch keeps it pretty safe and when you’re using the iPhone, the pouch stays away. It’s one of those little advantages that makes it an interesting accessory.

Since creating a pouch case is easy (relative to other cases), there are tons of these on the market. But as expected, quantity always trumps quality. There are very few high-grade leather pouches for the iPhone and finding the right one takes a lot of time. ‘Right one’ is something that not only looks and works good but lasts for a really long time. Pouch cases usually become victims to wear and tear quite fast.

Snugg iPhone 5s and 5 Pouch

From what I’ve read and from the look and feel of the Snugg iPhone 5s/5 pouch, it’s clear that this is one tough guy we’re talking about. I’ve seen a handful of loose-fitting, flimsy iPhone pouches in my time but this one’s definitely a keeper: the PU leather pouch is soft to the touch but it’s hard and sturdy too.

The Snugg Pouch fits the iPhone so tightly (living up to the brand’s name) that you might at first think it was a design flaw. A couple of draws and you know it’s designed to fit so perfectly. Naturally there’s absolutely nothing else you can fit into the pouch. And more importantly, if you’ve got a bumper case or something, that won’t do either.

Getting the iPhone out of the pouch wouldn’t be easy if not for the wonderful little magnetic snap that you pull outwards to get the iPhone out. That little snap is a work of ingenuity.

That’s the essence of the pouch: when you’re using your iPhone, it’s unhindered experience. No cases come in the way. But when you’re not, it’s safely tucked inside something so strong yet so soft. That’s about it.

It does come with one serious limitation: if you’re the kind that has to pick up the phone every once in a while, very occasionally, the pouch might be a little too cumbersome.

An iPhone pouch can come in a variety of types but The Snugg iPhone pouch definitely marks a standard that should be one of the finest benchmarks as far as pouch cases are concerned. And it’s not just about the quality of the pouch; it’s the craft and the usability.

Snugg’s iPhone pouch is designed for all iPhones including 5s, 5, 4s, 4.

Find more at TheSnugg.com

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