As expected, Apple's iPhone 5c isn't a “cheap” or “budget” iPhone for the rest of the world. Releasing today in India, the iPhone 5c will cost as much as the iPhone 5 did when it launched.

Apple considers the iPhone 5c to be a replacement for iPhone 5. Indeed, all the spec remains the same except for minor improvements in camera and the plastic shell. Besides these, the iPhone 5c is just the iPhone 5 in a new avatar.

Earliest rumors suggested that the iPhone 5c would be cheaper than the usual iPhone. While that is true to an extent, it's only so because the iPhone 5s is quite costly with a starting price tag of Rs. 53,500. It would be interesting to watch how iPhone 5c performs in the Indian market with its perceived “relatively cheaper” price tag starting at Rs 41,900.

iPhone 5c Price in India

iPhone 5c Price in India is As Follow

  • iPhone 5c 16GB – Rs. 41,900/-
  • iPhone 5c 32GB – Rs. 53,500/-

In the U.S., market demand for iPhone 5c has been less-than-normal, giving rise to a lot of speculations. The iPhone 5s has fared better. Apparently, the public hasn't been misled by the colorful camouflage.

In India, the iPhones enjoy very little share and is generally considered a premium product. Samsung has one of the largest market shares in India and Apple would certainly not aim to break that with its premium pricing. The iPhone 5c – contrary to earliest rumors about being cheap – is going to only add to the options an Apple fan has.

If you own an iPhone 5 already, you'll not upgrade to the iPhone 5c obviously. But the Indian market has a lot of users who still use iPhone 4/4s and a 42k price-tag might sound affordable in comparison to the 53.5k price tag the iPhone 5s comes with. Here is the list of iPhone 5c features in case you wish to refer before buying.

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