iPhone 5C Features & Price: It’s iPhone 5 In Plastic. And Cheaper.

And so, iPhone 5C was thus launched. It’s effectively an iPhone 5 but made out of plastic “unapologetically”. At $99 (two-year contract), Apple is following the same pricing strategy but making a huge wave.

The iPhone 5C is almost every bit iPhone 5 except that it differs in design, material and of course the name.

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iPhone 5C Features & Price

If you were thinking of picking up the iPhone 5 after the expected price-reduction, here’s the bad news: you will have to settle for a plastic iPhone (the 5C). But here’s the good news: it’s going to give you the same experience as an iPhone 5.

The most important changes to the iPhone 5C (feature-wise) are:

  • A better battery to begin with. Should help the new iOS upgrade.
  • Will run iOS 7
  • Has the same 8 MP camera with five-element lens system
  • Supports LTE and top-notch Wifi

Key things about iPhone 5C features:

  • 4-inch display with integrated touch layer
  • A6 Processor
  • Higher-capacity battery (should last longer than iPhone 5C)
  • 8MP Camera with IR filter and five-element lens
  • LTE band, Latest Wifi
  • Available in green, white, blue, pink and yellow.
  • The iPhone 5C’s plastic shell encases a steel reinforced structure inside so that acts as the antenna
  • Apple also selling iPhone 5C cases that cost $29 each

Apple showed quite a lot of stuff about the new plastic design. The back and side are unibody, made of colorful plastic. With a steel-reinforced interior, the iPhone 5C should hopefully not end up with signal issues.

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The most spectacular part of the iPhone 5C is the powerful camera that it adopts from iPhone 5. The 8 MP camera should help Apple stay on top of photography through smartphones.

Apple has also designed some cases for iPhone 5C (along with cases for iPhone 5S). The cases are cut to reveal the original color of the iPhone underneath and not of the usual design. They will cost you $29 each.

IOS 7 is also flavored according to the color of your iPhone 5C. The wallpaper sticker will match the iPhone 5C color.

iPhone 5C Price:

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  • $99 for 16GB
  • $199 for 32GB
  • Both are on the two-year contract.

You can begin preordering iPhone 5C on 13th of September. They’ll be out in the market by 20th of this month.

That’s all!

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