iPhone 5 Power Button Fix: Replace iPhone 5 or Trade-in for $350 Credit

We’ve learnt that Apple’s iPhone 5 replacement program (for faulty power-buttons in qualifying iPhone 5 phones) actually goes further. If you ask for a trade-in, Apple might give you a $350 in trade-in credit that can be used in the store towards any purchase you make. Including a new iPhone 5s/5c.

The news comes from some internal documents that Apple has released to the stores so it is – even now – a closed information that people may not be aware of. If you’ve got an iPhone 5 whose sleep/wake button is unresponsive/dysfunctional, here’s what you can do.

1. Trade-in for a replacement

Apple launched this program on Friday, through a press release. If your iPhone 5 develops issues with its power button (the sleep/wake button), Apple will replace the device with a new one. You have to take it to the store through a Genius Bar appointment.

Apple acknowledges that “a small percentage of iPhone 5” models exhibit this behavior. So if your iPhone 5 falls into that small percentage, you are eligible for a straight-out replacement. You can go right here and enter your serial number (found in Settings → General → About). If your iPhone is listed as eligible, you get a new iPhone 5.

2. Buy the iPhone 5s/5c with $350 discounted

#1 is in the press release and the dedicated web page for the iPhone 5 replacement program. However, you can opt to get in-store credits instead of a new iPhone 5.

If you specifically ask the Apple Genius representative to take your faulty iPhone 5 and instead of the new iPhone 5 replacement give you $350 in credit, you will be awarded with the same as your store credit. You can use the $350 for any purchases in the store. It is said that Apple intended this to be a hidden option because it didn’t want people (or more correctly, the hyper-reactive media) to misconstrue this as Apple’s way of enticing users to upgrade to iPhone 5s.

In both #1 and #2, note that your iPhone 5 should be:

  • Eligible for the program
  • Free of any other issues (like cracked screen or faulty home button/volume buttons etc.)

3.Troubleshooting the iPhone 5 power button

What if your iPhone 5 doesn’t fit the bill of eligibility? If Apple says your iPhone 5 is not part of the program, you won’t get a replacement unless it’s under warranty. And fixing the power button at the Apple store will cost you a lot of money.

You can try fixing the button yourself with the right tools. (you can get the tools for under $35 from iFixit).

Or you can try the alternative method using AssistiveTouch on iOS 7. We have covered the way to fix a broken sleep/wake button here.