An iPhone 5/5s case with a kickstand is a cool piece of accessory. Besides giving your iPhone a protective clothing, the case also comes with a kickstand that props up the iPhone 5 for a comfortable “movie experience”; or maybe you’re watching a video or using the iPhone 5 as a clock on the table.

The kickstand is a minor functionality that’s neat and an add-on feature that’s very handy.

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Kickstand Cases for iPhone 5s

Here are some of the best iPhone 5/5s cases with stand

#1. Case Mate POP!Case Mate Pop iPhone 5 Case with StandLooks like we’re not going to get enough of Case Mate cases on our lists. Almost all our coverage includes one Case Mate case but then, that’s brand value.

The Case Mate POP! With Stand is an example how neatly cases can function as a good protective cover while also propping up the iPhone 5 to make watching videos easier. The Case Mate Pop! is a very sturdy case too that adds great protection to your coveted smartphone.

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KEY POINTS: high quality material, professional design, minimal, color options.

Price: $35.00 ($ $19.64 on
Buy Case Mate POP! from

#2. Incipio KickSnapIncipio KickSnap iPhone 5 CaseThe KickSnap from Incipio is one of the few brilliantly designed kickstand iPhone 5/5s cases. It’s a sturdy affair with impact resistance promised. Almost everything about the Incipio is amazing and if I wanted a kickstand case, I’ll go with this one.

KEY POINTS: stylish design, soft-shell but solid Plextonium frame, glossy finish.

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Price: $34.99 ($17.05 on Amazon)
Buy Incipio KickSnap from

#3. Poetic KeysPoetic Keys Case for iPhone 5If you’re artistic, you’ll love Poetic Keys iPhone 5/5s case with the stand. This case is all about an enchanting design with some really good specs on the charts. A custom stand makes hands-free viewing easy while the polycarbonate case lends adequate protection to the smartphone.

KEY POINTS: artistic, Piano-styled case, TPU edges for additional protection.

Price: $24.95 ($4.95 on Amazon)
Buy Poetic Keys for iPhone 5 from

#4. Speck SmartFlexSpeck SmartFlex iPhone 5 CaseSmartFlex iPhone 5/5s Cases from Speck are one of the finest cases that provide a very professional look besides offering the best protection. The cases are hard-shell, quite strong naturally but very flexible too. The stand on the SmartFlex is different from the ones we’ve seen: the stand props up the iPhone 5/5s to stand in a portrait fashion (rather than landscape) which makes it a unique case.

The case is flexible enough to make it easy to put on and remove from your smartphone. But it’s also quite strong.

KEY POINTS: portrait orientation stand, highly professional-looking, high-quality case.

Price: $34.95 ($24.99 on Amazon)
Buy Speck SmartFlex iPhone 5 Cases from

#5. Aduro ShellAduro Shell Holster Combo Case For iPhone 5-5sWith rubberized textured design, this case has been made to offer your iPhone protection from fall or damage. It features a kickstand on the rear cover for a comfortable handsfree use. The shell holster keeps your iPhone intact thanks to the handy locking mechanism.

You can easily remove your phone from holster without having to remove the case. If you want a handy case for your device, you can have a go at Aduro.

KEY POINTS: Kickstand for handsfree use, rubberized textured design for complete protection, shell holster.

Price: $25.99 [$10.99 on Amazon while we are writing this.] Buy it from

#6. BoxWave ColorSplash with StandBoxWave ColorSplash with Stand for iPhone 5If you’ve known BoxWave, you know these guys produce one of the most standard versions of iPhone cases. They’ve been at it for quite long and when they come out with their iPhone 5/5s cases with a stand, they are going to be quite good. For an under $10 price point, the ColorSplash iPhone 5/5s cases with stand are amazing. The case is washable, tear-resistant, beveled to protect the screen, and has a convenient design.

KEY POINTS: standard and professional, light-weight, a nice design.

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Price: $9.95
Buy BoxWave ColorSplash with Stand from