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When your iPhone doesn't charge, it's one of the lowest moments in the smartphone experience. I mean that's when we realize how important this tiny little activity is and how it ultimately controls our entire smartphone experience.

iPhone 5-5s Not Charging How to Fix it

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There can be a lot of complex reasons why an iPhone won't charge. We've covered some of these already. But sometimes, the most obvious gets overlooked and that just happened. Fixing a problem with an iPhone 5/5s not charging could be as simple as … dirt.

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The lightning dock, though small, has the ability to collect dust/dirt over the course of time. It's natural. You take your iPhone 5/5s with you to a lot of places. We do clean our phones occasionally but we don't usually clean the ports: the headphone jack or the lightning dock. And dust accumulates inside these voids over time.

Dust or dirt can cause a couple of issues with charging.

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The easiest damage it can do is it prevents charging completely. You might have tried with a variety of cables, alternated between a wall-charger and the USB port but to no avail. The dust that's accumulated prevents the connections to close correctly, preventing the charging connections.

The other thing that can happen is a little strange: your iPhone charges for a few minutes and then stops charging abruptly. This is kind of disastrous because you leave the iPhone connected assuming that the charging will go through to 100%. Hours later you just see an iPhone sitting at 30%, where you need it to be fully charged.

Removing this dust/dirt can solve this problem and it's as simple as that. But how to remove it?

Here's how: You can use a thumb tack or a paper clip (stretch out one of the ends). Use this to gently scrub the edges inside the lightning dock. Gently being the key word. Remove the dust and, if possible, blow air into the dock to clear it of other tiny specks.

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Now try connecting the cable again and charge your iPhone. Did it fix the charging issue?

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Dhvanesh Adhiya is our editor-in-chief and reviewer who takes care of iGeeksBlog.com. He is passionate for wonderful apps that change the way your iPhone interacts in your life.

  • Pete

    Great advice about the paper clip. Took my time to gently clean the inside of the charging point and VOILA, the charger connected again. Thanks for the simple, but effective tip!

  • JT

    The paper clip worked! Thank you so much…I can’t believe how much lint and dust was in the charging port…wow…now I can simply plug in my charger and it’s charging :) No more needing to push the charger in at different angles and hope it works lol

  • Rich

    Golden Advise right here!, it was unbelievable the amount of dust and lint that kept coming out from that tiny hole, keep scratching ! It will work !

  • Leo

    Best advice ever, I spent some time cleaning the Lightning port with no luck and just when I getting ready to give up I decided to try one last time, I got rid of as much lint as possible and it the phone finally started charging again. Thanx a lot for this great tip.

    iPhone 5 owner

  • Tim

    Nice! I was making plans to go get my I phone 5 worked on and pulled up this site to see if there was anything I could try. I had tried a toothpick and did take out some lint but no luck. Here, the recommendation was a tack or paper clip (metal). I used a straight pin and gently scraped the contacts left/right and back/forth. Bingo! It worked, my phone is charging again. Thanks!

  • Surprising amount of dust in there, worked for me *facepalm*

  • FixedIt

    Awesome… there was lint in that hole. Thanks

  • mathw

    my iPhone 5 is not charging

    • Simon Baker

      my 5c was charging alittle bit ago and now when it died it wont charge or turn back on. its completely unresponsive. if you find any solution please tell me too?!

  • dumbFuck

    thank you so much! I almost had my phone serviced, it had so much cotton and dust inside that the cable didn’t even go all the way in, I didn’t notice it until I cleaned it, before that I tought it was designed this way…

  • mowgli panzer

    Thank you!

  • Luis


    • Simon Baker

      Is yours not charging, completely unresponsive, or both??
      Mine is dead unresponsive and with a new charger it wont turn on. even after i reset it

      • Mohamed Gamal

        me too

      • richard gregson

        Mine was dead as a doornail after getting a bit wet. I dried it out but it was dead. Apple had quoted £205 to fix it. The phone was second hand and only cost £150 so I thought I’d have a go at it myself. Opened it up and following an online guide (e.g. ifixit or phonecruncher). I started taking it apart and got as far as disconnecting the battery (3 screws holding connector) I was going to remove the lightning connector but thought I’d put it back together before ordering one. Anyway as soon as I reconnected the battery, it switched on (with the battery charged up to 97%!) and has worked fine ever since. Might be worth a try, toolkits are about a fiver on amazon.