iPhone 11 Likely to Support Dual Bluetooth Audio: Macotakara Says

Want to pair two sets of wireless headphones with your iPhone? Apple's next iPhone 11 is likely to have dual Bluetooth audio feature, which enables users to pair two different Bluetooth audio devices with the iPhone.

After the prediction of bilateral wireless charging by famous Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, Macotakara says that the tech giant is likely to come up with dual Bluetooth audio support for iPhone 11.

Notably, iPhone and iPad support multi-room audio to AirPlay 2 speakers. If Apple equips its upcoming iPhones with dual Bluetooth audio, two users can listen to music from the same phone simultaneously. For this purpose, they need to connect two sets of AirPods at the same time.

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Dual Bluetooth Audio Allows Users to Pair Two Sets of AirPods with iPhones Simultaneously

In its current software, Apple allows only one user to connect to the device. Even as you have connected more than one headphone, the sound will come out of only one set.

As of now, you can connect two Bluetooth devices to your iPhone; for example, a wireless headphone and your Apple Watch. However, you cannot pair two separate headphone sets with your iPhone or iPad.

iPhone 11 Bring Dual Bluetooth Audio Connection Support

Android users must be overjoyed as dual Bluetooth audio is already there on some Android devices.

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Macotakara gives an example of the iPhone, which might be connected to a car and wireless headphones. In this situation, a user receives navigation speech from the car speakers and s/he can listen to music as well.

In the presence of this technology, there is one hazard: there can be synchronization issues in dual Bluetooth audio. Many users of Samsung phones have experienced this glitch on their devices. This feature may not work on a multi-room setup.

For a couple or two friends, dual Bluetooth audio can be an excellent way to enjoy the same content together after pairing two sets of AirPods.

Like Samsung’s latest S series smartphones, iPhone 11 can be equipped with bilateral wireless charging to charge AirPods on the go. This could be a better way of sharing battery.

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Wrapping up…

We can expect dual Bluetooth audio in the iPhone expected to be announced in the September Apple event. Since dual Bluetooth audio is related to Bluetooth 5, Apple might add this feature to its existing iPhone 8, iPhone X, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS with a software update.

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