Best iPhone 11 Cases and Covers

Rounding up the best iPhone 11 cases for such choosy buyers has seemed to be an enormous task. For one, every time my thought has gone behind picking a cover, the biggest question that has (kind of) held me back is — how well the case stands on the price-to-value proposition?

While every cover in the market claims to deliver the best bang for the bucks, this meticulously compiled collection of 60+ iPhone 11 cases across 13 categories have got everything that it takes to walk the talk.

To pick a better cover that can stand tall in most aspects, I have devised a four-pronged strategy – rating cover on four vital fronts:

  • Design: How good the cover looks and more significantly; whether or not it makes a suitable pair with the iPhone 11.
  • Durability: Where does a particular cover rank on the protection front? Can the cover endure the onslaught of bumps and scuffs?
  • Other Notable Features: Beyond design and durability, what are the notable aspects of a cover?
  • Bottom Line: Eventually, I talk about whether or not a particular cover can live up to the billing – revealing the price-to-value proposition.

Now that the rules look fair and square, let’s head into the ultimate roundup of the cases and covers designed for the iPhone 11!

Over 60 Best iPhone 11 Cases and Covers in 2020

Best iPhone 11 Wallet Cases

Wallet cases are considered to be complete suits in more ways than one. For starters, they come with multiple slots to carry cards securely. Plus, most of them feature a money pocket for stashing dollar bills for on-the-go use.

What’s more, modern wallet cases come in a variety of designs. While some of them feature folio design, other sport slim form-factor with a hidden card slot on the back.

As for pricing, if you would like to go for the genuine leather wallet covers, you will need to stretch your budget a bit. The premium wallet cases start at around $25, while the affordable yet reasonably good ones can be bought at around $15.

Pros: Complete wallet cases not only let you carry cards and money but also ramp up your hands-free media watching. Plus, they also offer the needed safeguard against all sorts of pitfalls like drops and scuffs.

Cons: Most folio wallet cases seem to be too bulky to let the smartphone showcase design. As for the slim ones, many of them are too delicate to endure bumps.

Who Is It For? Premium wallet cases are designed for pros, executives, or frequent travelers/flyers. As for the slim wallet covers, they are primed for minimalists who have to carry a couple of cards.

#1. Pad & Quill full-grain American Leather Wallet Case

Pad and Quill iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Look and Feel: When it comes to premium wallet cases, the top-grade craftsmanship plays a vital role. With rich workmanship and full-grain American leather, Pad & Quill’s Bella Fino has got a classy look and feel.

Protection: The full-grain American leather boosts the durability of the cover, while the marine-grade nylon stitching adds vintage charm to the profile. The leather wallet cover can shield the smartphone against unexpected shock and scuffs with ease.

Other functionality: Bella Fino can store up to 5-7 cards which makes it an ideal asset for full-time travelers. Moreover, the auto sleep/wake support and stand functionality make it a highly useful suit.

Verdict: If top-of-the-line craftsmanship sits right on top of your priority, you shouldn’t look beyond Bella Fino.

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#2. Snakehive Genuine Leather Wallet Case

Snakehive iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Look and Feel: Showcasing a classy design, Snakehive wallet case is a great choice for a professional outing. Carved out of European nubuck leather, the case has visible stitching that endows authenticity. And with the precise cutouts for the dual camera and port, it fits around the 6.1-inch smartphone perfectly.

Protection: The genuine leather cover can withstand shock with ease. For additional safeguard against impact, it comes with a TPU interior that enables the case to survive even nasty drops.

Other functionality: With a couple of card slots and a money pocket, the case is designed to be an ideal travel companion. So, you don’t need to carry a traditional wallet in your pocket. Plus, it also features kickstand functionality to enhance the hands-free experience.

Verdict: Should you wish to have a premium wallet case at a fairly affordable price point ($36.99), this one can be one of the better picks out there.

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#3. Procase Vintage Folio Wallet Case

Procase Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Believe me, there are tons of top-grade wallet cases in the market for iPhone 11 in the market. However, very few of them offer the best of both worlds – high-quality and low price – like this offering from ProCase. The genuine leather casing has given it a vintage look, while the refined craftsmanship adds a pro touch to the exterior.

Protection: When it comes to protection, the ProCase wallet case is up to the mark in terms of resisting impact. With the non-slip exterior, it also provides enhanced hold so that the smartphone stays intact in hands.

Other functionality: A couple of card slots and a big compartment for tucking in some dollar bills can take care of your basic needs. Plus, it also features strong magnets to support auto-sleep wake functionality to enhance the battery life of your device. Not to mention, the stand feature that props up your iPhone for a full-on media watching experience.

Verdict: In a market where premium leather wallet covers warrant the high price tag, ProCase ($25.99) seems pretty much like a steal.

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#4. Spigen Slim Armor CS Wallet Case

Spigen iPhone 11 Wallet Case

Look and Feel: A highly protective case that tries to offer a bit of everything. The rugged outer shell may not appeal to the eyeballs but it doesn’t look bulky either on the smartphone.

Protection: The combo of shock-absorbing TPU interior and hard polycarbonate exterior makes Slim Armor CS probably the most durable wallet cases for iPhone 11 in the market. For extra shield, it has also got air cushion technology to absorb shock and offer the needed safeguard to the smartphone.

Othe functionality: The best part about the cover is the hidden slot on the rear side where you can comfortably keep a couple of cards. Thanks to the beveled edges, it also keeps scratches away from damaging the dual-camera.

Verdict: If there is a desire to go for a shock-absorbing cover that can also double up as a wallet at a reasonably low price ($14.99), look no further than Slim Armor CS.

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#5. SUTENI PU Leather Slim Wallet Case

SUTENI Wallet Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Suteni’s wallet case has got a minimalist look that can instantly appeal to those who are looking for a life beyond bulky covers. It has a slim construction with a durable frame.

Protection: I wouldn’t have given SUTENI a chance in this roundup if it didn’t have a sleek profile and fairly durable frame that can endure shock. The combo of PU leather and TPU has worked well in ensuring that the case can fight out random bumps.

Other functionality: Suteni wallet cover has a slot on the back that can comfortably house a couple of cards. Even better, it also has grippy sides that come into play when you want to keep your device steady.

Verdict: A slim wallet case that not only offers reliable protection but also allows you to hold a couple of cards deserve praise. What’s more, the case also comes at just $13.99 which could be more than acceptable for most folks.

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Best iPhone 11 Bumper Cases

Bumper cases are too good to miss. For one, they let you flaunt your smartphone without having to put defense factor on the backburner. They come in a variety of colors and fit into your casual outing with aplomb.

Better still, bumper covers are abundant and come at affordable prices. So, you can get a pretty cool cover without having to break the bank!

Pros: Probably the best part about bumper cases is the ability to keep the elegance factor intact without risking protection.

Cons: Some bumper cases can be slippery. So, they may not fit into the bills of those who have butterfingers.

Who Is It For?

For the folks who prefer the casual design would love to have bumper covers. Oh yes, they could also appeal to those who want to keep the smartphone as light as possible. These covers are compact, lightweight, and also fit perfectly around the smartphone.

#1. ESR Metal Frame Bumper Case

ESR iPhone 11 Metal Frame Bumper Case

Look and Feel: What stands out for the ESR bumper case is the solid metal frame that gets along nicely with the smartphone. The pronounced buttons are quite responsive, while the cutouts of this bumper suit look precise for hassle-free access.

Protection: With the shockproof aluminum-alloy outer layer, it can knock down even nasty bumps. And with the smooth TPU interior, the cover is also capable of thwarting scuffs. Beveled edge on the back and the front lip on the ensure the Liquid Retina Display and camera have the reliable guard to put scratches away.

Other functionality: The case is designed to support Qi-chargers so that you can juice up your smartphone without any inconvenience. Furthermore, the buttons are much easier to click as they are tactile and responsive.

Verdict: ESR bumper cover has got all the qualities to be a stylish suit for the smartphone. At $13.99, the cover might be a touch higher than other rivals but it’s worth giving a shot.

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#2. RANVOO Soft TPU Inner Frame Bumper Case

RANVOO iPhone 11 Bumper Case

Look and Feel: In terms of look and feel, RANVOO’s offering looks pretty much in line with ESR’s bumper cover.

Protection: The cover has an exceptionally impact-resistant construction. While the aluminum empowers the cover to fight out bumps, the soft TPU interior enables it to resist scuffs.

Other functionality: The case has a heat dissipation design to ensure your smartphone remains cool. Besides, it also doesn’t obstruct the signal.

Verdict: RANVOO is one of the finest bumper covers for iPhone 11. Everything from design language to durability looks spot-on.

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#3. CANSHN Clear Bumper Case

CANSHN iPhone 11 Bumper Case

Look and Feel: Unlike both the cases mentioned above, this one is a clear case that also doubles as a bumper cover. The transparent profile makes sure your iPhone 11 gets the full-license to glow.

Protection: The incorporation of TPU material coupled with an impact-resistant bumper makes it strong enough to withstand shock. Besides, it’s also equally protective against scratches.

Other functionality: Courtesy the soft material, CANSHN is more flexible and has rubberized sides for improved hold. Plus, it’s also readied to allow wireless chargers to power up your device without any interference.

Verdict: Should you prefer a little more protective bumper cover that can shield not only the corners but also the back panel of your iPhone, it can be worth giving a shot.

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#4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Style Series Bumper Case

Supcase iPhone 11 Bumper Case

Look and Feel: SUPCASE’s Unicorn Beetle Style Series looks bang on target in most aspects. The clear back and grippy sides make it the sort of bumper suits that can appeal to most people’s taste.

Protection: When it comes to protection, Unicorn Beetle Style Series is ahead of the game. The ability to withstand up to 15 feet drops makes it stand out of the rivals.

Other functionality: The rugged PC, TPU bumper and the raised edges make it a reliable cover. Besides, the case is also highly resistant to scratches and anti-yellow.

Verdict: Unicorn Beetle Style Series is easy picking for multiple reasons like protection, snug-fit profile.

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#5. JETech Shockproof Bumper Case

JETech iPhone 11 Clear Bumper Case

Look and feel: Featuring a clear and compact design, the JETech bumper case seems to be a straightforward choice. The frame has a minimalist design that complements the slim form-factor.

Protection: Even though the case has a slim look, it’s fully equipped to survive bumps. Not to mention, the hybrid design (PC+TPU) can even take on ugly scratches.

Other functionality: The raised lips work as the definitive guards for the dual camera and the delicate screen. Besides, it also ensures there is painless access to all the functions thanks to the neat cutouts and responsive buttons.

Verdict: Probably, the biggest selling point of this case is the price. Being available at $5.98, it’s the cheapest bumper case in the market.

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Best iPhone 11 Battery Cases

Modern battery cases are no longer bulky and come with plenty of power to keep the smartphone fully juiced up on the go. Better still, most battery covers come with a solid pack to deliver up to 150% extra power, which could be more than enough to help you take on multiple rounds of Pokemon or TV shows.

So, if you want to go for an external charger that can also work as a standalone cover, battery suits are the way to go.

Pros: What makes battery cases viable is the ability to power up your smartphone while also working as a reasonably good suit. So, even when your smartphone is being juiced up, you can keep your games or movies in full-swing wherever you are.

Cons: Some battery packs are less secure and also don’t allow the smartphone to sync with computers seamlessly.

Who Is It For?

iPhone 11 lasts one hour longer than the iPhone XR which already had robust battery life. So, most folks might not need the extra juice. However, those who love to stream media for hours or enjoy indulging with action-packed games may need an additional battery to keep the smartphone powered up.

#1. Alpatronix 5000mAh Battery Case

Alpatronix iPhone 11 Battery Case

Look and feel: Considering high efficiency, Alpatronix stands out as one of the best battery cases for the iPhone. Beyond proficiency, it has also got a lightweight and snug-fit design.

Protection: The battery case has an extremely rugged construction but without the addition of extra bulk. Featuring fortified corners and impact-resistant back panel, the case can keep your iPhone 11 protected from scratches and drops.

Other functionality: Alpatronix comes with a 5000mAh battery that can offer a lot of extra power to your smartphone. Thus, whether you are a game lover, frequent traveler or a movie buff, you can take advantage of the robust battery to get through your tasks. What’s more, unlike many battery suits in the market, it also supports wireless charging.

Verdict: From the high-efficiency point of view, Alpatronix seems to be one of the better options in the market.

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#2. OMEETIE 5000mAh Battery Case

OMEETIE Battery Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: OMEETIE’s battery case has a comparatively slim design. The hard-back panel gives it a rugged look that offers a non-slip grip.

Protection: The hard-back panel endows it the desired strength to withstand shock. Featuring non-slip sides, the case fits tightly in the palm.

Other functionality: Equipped with 5000mAh battery, it delivers over 120% extra charge. So, with this juice pack at your disposal, your smartphone can run for two days comfortably – of course on normal usage.

Verdict: Looking at the specs, the OMEETIE battery case seems to be easy picking. Even on the price ($28.59) perspective, it’s not expensive either.

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#3. Apple Smart Battery Case

Apple Battery Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Apple Smart Battery Case has a simple compact form-factor that wraps around the 6.1″ iPhone snuggly. Courtesy the soft-touch finish, the battery cover feels comfortable in the hands.

Protection: The battery lacks a rugged construction. However, you can bet on it to survive the minor shock and also keep scuffs away.

Other Functionality: Once fully charged, Smart Battery Case can help your iPhone last up to 50% longer. And with the sync-through tech, you can charge both the iPhone and the compact battery case at a time.

Verdict: Granted, Apple Smart Battery Case is way more expensive than its counterparts. However, when you take the charging efficiency and security into account, it becomes worth giving a shot.

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#4. Yacikos 6800mAh Battery Case

Yacikos iPhone 11 Battery Case

Look and Feel: Featuring a comparatively high-capacity 6800mAh battery in a slim design, Yacikos makes a decent match with the 6.1″ iPhone. The lightweight casing along with the precise cutouts give it a pretty good look.

Protection: For all having a slim casing, the cover promises to offer a 360° shield to the iPhone. Besides, it can also prevent scuffs from damaging the smartphone.

Other Functionality: The battery is touted to offer over 150% extra juice to your smartphone. So, you can rely on the external charger to keep your extensive gaming or music streaming uninterrupted.

Verdict: If a high-capacity iPhone 11 battery case at a relatively low price is what you are after, I would recommend you to check out Yacikos.

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#5. ZEROLEMON 4500mAh Battery Case

ZEROLEMON iPhone 11 Battery Case

Look and Feel: Going by the looks, ZEROLEMON has a refined appearance. So, you can trust on this battery cover to go smoothly with the iPhone.

Protection: The case has a durable casing with extra cushion to shield the smartphone against shock. Besides, the impact-resistant design will also stop scratches from hurting your smartphone.

Other Functionality: The 4500mAh battery can deliver up to 100% extra battery life, which should be fine for basic usage. Not just that, the Qi-wireless charging support means you can power up your iPhone without having to take off the battery cover.

Verdict: As per efficiency, ZEROLEMON appears to be a trusted external charger for the iPhone. Whether it’s the 100% extra battery life or the wireless charging support, it has checked off all the essential boxes to stake the claim of being one of the best battery cases for iPhone 11 in the market right now.

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Best iPhone 11 Leather Cases

Leather cases have an ageless charm. With top-grade workmanship, they make for an executive appearance. Not to underestimate the rich leather texture that feels so warm to the touch. However, the best part about them is that they never seem to lose their charm even after getting old courtesy the timeless patina.

Pros: No other cases look as luxurious as the genuine leather covers with top-of-the-line workmanship. Furthermore, they also provide a secure hold so that there is no chance of accidental falls.

Cons: With premium quality comes the premium price tag. Comparatively, the leather covers are way more expensive, which might not fit into everyone’s budget.

Who Is It For?

Genuine leather cases are primed for those who adore rich craftsmanship and pro design. Whether you are an executive or a normal joe who admire high-quality leather construction, they are readied to be your top choice.

#1. Mujjo Slim Leather Case

Mujjo iPhone 11 Leather Case

Look and Feel: Mujjo is well-known for offering sleek wallet cases with top-grade leather. And its offering for iPhone 11 seems in line with the legacy.

Protection: While you shouldn’t expect much from this slim wallet cover, it is more than capable to fight out low volume impact. While the full-grain leather endures shock, the comfy sides offer an improved grip.

Other functionality: The leather case features Japanese microfiber material inside that enables it to resist scratches. Besides, it also has more tactile buttons that are convenient to press.

Verdict: Mujjo leather case exhibits class. And if you prefer a top-quality leather case in a sleek design, you should go for it.

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#2. Pad & Quill Luxurious Full-grain American Leather Case

Pad and Quill Slim Leather Case for Phone 11

Look and Feel: Saying that Aria leather case showcases the premium look and feel would be quite an understatement. The full-grain American leather is perfectly complemented by marine-gradee nylon stitching.

Protection: Aria leather cover can hold up pretty well against drops. Better still, it’s also UV resistant to keep the shine intact for long.

Other functionality: The cover has got enough slots to let you carry 5-7 cards. Add to that the wireless charging support and stand functionality and it becomes a top-notch pick.

Verdict: They say, “Premium quality warrants a premium pricing.” If you are ready to shell out a whopping $79.93, you would have the cover to look special even in the crowd.

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#3. Apple Leather Case

Apple Leather Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Apple’s leather case has got an enviably sleek design. The cover makes sure the elegance of the smartphone remains in full-view, which is worth taking note of especially if you prefer slim form-factor.

Protection: Let’s put it out of the way! The leather cover is not meant for resisting nasty shock nor does it capable of fighting out bumps. So, long as you trust its scratch-resistant ability, you wouldn’t be disappointed.

Other functionality: The machined aluminum buttons are very tactile so that you can deal with the buttons without any pains. Plus, it also allows your iPhone 11 to get juiced up wirelessly.

Verdict: Agreed, Apple’s offering is way more pricey than what it offers in return. But I can’t overlook the fact that it adds an irresistible Apple-Esque touch to the iPhone.

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#4. Bellroy Premium Slim Leather Case

bellroy iPhone 11 Leather Case

Look and Feel: Though not as sleek as Apple’s offering, Bellroy leather case has got its own class. The minimal craftsmanship gives it a simple appearance.

Protection: The combination of leather and polymer material makes it durable enough to offer basic protection. For scratch resistance, the leather cover comes with the soft microfiber lining.

Other functionality: Bellroy’s premium leather cover has tactile buttons and exact cutouts. It also has rounded edges that guard the screen against scuffs.

Verdict: Simplicity appears to be the main aspect of this cover. And if you are willing to grace it, the cover would fit into your taste without any issue.

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#5. SHIELDON Genuine Leather Case

SHIELDON Genuine Leather Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Classy book design is the highlight of this leather case from SHIELDON. The refined appearance with minimal stitching makes it an ideal suit for a professional outing.

Protection: The genuine cowhide leather is ably backed by the TPU shell. Thus, whether it’s surviving shock or fighting out scuffs, the cover is fully capable to offer the needed protection to the iPhone 11.

Other functionality: Three card slots along with a side pocket make SHIELDON a complete wallet cover. That aside, the front cover also turns into a dependable horizontal stand for convenient media viewing.

Verdict: The four and a half stars out of more than 25 ratings (at the time of writing) just goes on to show how well SHIELDON is being received. Furthermore, the $29.99 price tag gives it a decisive advantage over other extravagantly priced rivals.

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Best iPhone 11 Clear Cases

Times when you want your smartphone to grab the spotlight in style and that too without any interference, a clear case seems to be an automatic choice (vox pop). It features a transparent look that gives enough freedom to the device to glow, arresting every attention. Beyond crystal clear profile, it can also take on bumps and scuffs like any durable covers out there.

Pros: The crystal clear design makes sure your smartphone can shine-through. Plus, it also holds up quite well against sock.

Cons: Many clear cases turn yellow over time, thereby losing both the famed clarity and shine.

Who Is it For?

Clear cases are specifically readied for the ones who like to flaunt their iPhones. Both those who like to make a fashion statement or the ones who love to chill out in casual attire would find transparent covers right on the money.

#1. OtterBox Symmetry Series Clear Case

OtterBox SYMMETRY CLEAR SERIES Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Flaunting a compact profile in a pocket-friendly form-factor, OtterBox Symmetry Clear Series stands out of the rest on several fronts. While the transparent design allows the smartphone to glow in full glory, the durable frame offers enhanced gripping.

Protection: Armored with an impact-resistant frame, Symmetry Clear Series can safeguard your smartphone against shock. Plus, it can also fight out scuffs so that your device continues to shine for long.

Other functionality: The cover features exact cutouts and fits around the edges of the smartphone. Besides, it also fits more comfortably in the palm courtesy of the non-slip texture.

Verdict: $39.99, this clear case is way more expensive than other counterparts. But if you don’t mind shelling out some extra bucks for a premium clear cover, it’s worth giving a shot.

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#2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid Clear Case

Spigen iPhone 11 Crystal Clear Case

Look and Feel: Ultra-Hybrid is a pretty simple clear case that is designed to pair snuggly with your iPhone. While the TPU bumper provides improved grip, the hard PC back strengthens the casing.

Protection: Despite having a slim form-factor, the case offers dual-layered protection. So, it can endure drops and also keep scuffs away.

Other functionality: The case also features raised edges on the front to prevent scratches from damaging the Liquid Retina Display. And with the solid lips on the back, the dual rear camera can keep scuffs out of the way.

Verdict: Ultra-Hybrid is an easy choice for most people who want a clear case that can check off most boxes and also cost less money ($10.99.)

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#3. Casetify Military-grade Clear Case

Casetify Clear Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Design-wise, Casetify’s clear case looks solid. The sturdy frame coupled with the snug-fit form-factor makes it a notable companion for the smartphone.

Protection: Featuring a double-layer of safeguard, the case is shockproof with the military-grade certification (6.6-feet drop test approved). But the focus on protection hasn’t dented the style quotient.

Other functionality: Casetify’s clear protective cover is pocket-friendly and also works pretty well with wireless chargers. And with the non-slip sides, it also fits all the contours of palm.

Verdict: Everything considered, this offering from Casetify belongs to the elite league. So, the $40 price tag also seems satisfied – despite being a little high.

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#4. TORRAS Slim Clear Case

TORRAS HD Clear iPhone 11 Case

Look and Feel: A svelte form-factor with the ultra-clear design is what makes this case win attention right away. The rubberized sides not only add a bit more cushion to the cover but also provide a comfortable touch so that the device can comfortably stay in the palm.

Protection: Just like the transparent covers, it’s also made of the hard PC and soft TPU but it is slightly more sophisticated. While the front lip shields the liquid retina display, the beveled edge on the back protects the camera.

Other functionality: The cover is anti-fingerprint and also dust resistant to keep the clarity intact. Besides, it is also quite good at fighting out yellowness.

Verdict: If a sophisticated clear case with the anti-yellow design is what you are after, you can’t go wrong with Torras.

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#5. GVIEWIN Designer Clear Case

GVIEWIN Clear Flower Design Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: With the beautiful flower pattern, GVIEWIN is primed to put your iPhone at the forefront of attention. The slim design along with rubberized sides gives it a girlish look.

Protection: For all having a delicate profile, GVIEWIN is not a pushover when it comes to resisting impact. That apart, the case can keep dust and fingerprints away as well.

Other Functionality: The TPU buttons are responsive and offer tactile feedback. Further, it also doesn’t play a spoilsport when it comes to working with wireless charging pads or stands.

Verdict: Should you want to go for an attractive clear case that can ramp up a fashion statement, it can prove to be spot on.

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Best iPhone 11 Ring Holder Cases

Ring holder cases may not be on top of everyone’s radar, but they have enough quality to warrant a safe spot in a kitty of a variety of covers. There are a couple of qualities that make them stand out in the crowd.

First and foremost, they make it much easier to hold thanks to the secure grip. Thus, you can hold your smartphone comfortably without having to worry about the unexpected drop.

And second, they can let you prop up your smartphone in multiple angles. So, you can chat with your buddies or watch flicks conveniently.

Pros: Ring holder cases offer better grips so that there is less possibility of unexpected slip-offs. They also let you bolster your hands-free media watching experience. On top of all, you can use them with magnetic car mounts for a more convenient hands-free usage.

Cons: The biggest drawback of ring holder cases is the inability to work with wireless chargers.

Who Is It For?

Ring holder cases can appeal to those who like to have an attractive design. They could also charm those who want to have a useful cover to enhance the hands-free experience. What about butterfingers? Yeah, even those with slippery hands will find them super handy.

#1. WATACHE Slim Clear Ring Holder Case

WATACHE iPhone 11 Ring Holder Case

Look and Feel: Just a glance at this case and you know that it’s designed to get along with your elegant outing. Made of pretty soft TPU material, the cover has a transparent design topped by two-tone colors. Moreover, it makes an impressive pair with the iPhone 11.

Protection: With TPU casing and the fortified corners, the cover can withstand shock and also keep off scuffs. Besides, the material doesn’t turn yellow which is yet another plus.

Other functionality: The 360-degree rotating ring holder works proficiently in letting you prop up your smartphone in the desired viewing angles. Add to that the support for magnetic car mounts and it becomes a handy cover for everyday use.

Verdict: WATACHE ring holder case has got both the attractive profile and the proficient functionality to live up to the market. Furthermore, it’s also priced reasonably.

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#2. MoKo TPU Bumper Ring Holder Case

MoKo Ring Holder Kickstand Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: While the MoKo ring holder case may not have a flashy design, it’s got the quality to tick off most boxes. The integration of the hard PC back and rubberized TPU frame has given it a durable construction.

Protection: MoKo ring case shines where it counts. You can rely on this compact ring holder cover to survive the impact and easily hold the fort against scratches.

Other functionality: The ring is designed to be 360-degree rotatable for an enhanced hands-free experience. And with the ability to work with magnetic car mounts, it’s a great travel companion.

Verdict: Apart from having a good-looking design, the MoKo ring holder case also stands tall on the protection front. And considering these notable qualities, a $7.99 price tag seems to be less expensive – comparatively.

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#3. SANKMI Shockproof Hard PC Ring Case

SANKMI iPhone 11 Clear Slim Ring Holder Case

Look and Feel: Beautiful is what I can call this ring holder cover from Sankmi. It has a thin casing, cushioned corners, and fits around the iPhone like a super comfy glove.

Protection: Everything that looks delicate isn’t fragile. What I mean is that it has got enough shield under the hood than what meets the eyes. So, it can knock down low volume impact from drops.

Other Functionality: The ring holder works as expected. So, whether you want to bolster your hands-free video-calling or enhance your movie watching, it won’t disappoint you.

Verdict: Sankmi ring holder case has looked cool to me in most aspects. So, I give it a go for those who adore dark colors and catchy design.

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#4. ICONFLANG Anti-Scratch Ring Holder Case

DESOF Ultra Slim Ring Holder Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Every time I have come across ICONFLANG’s ring holder cases, I have wanted to get them for my iPhones. Well, I say this because this accessory maker is well-known for producing some of the best ring holder covers in the market. And this offering looks right on the money in every aspect: style, comfort, and usability.

Protection: Unlike other ring holder cases, it has got slightly more durable construction. But the protective design isn’t at the cost of style.

Other functionality: The ring not only adds a nice touch to the case but also boosts its functionality. It can be comfortably rotated to position the smartphone in multiple viewing angles. On top of all, you can seamlessly use this cover with most magnetic car mounts.

Verdict: Price-wise ($13.99), ICONFLANG seems to be a touch expensive. But if you can take your budget a few notches above, you would be glad to have it.

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#5. Elegant Choise Thin Ring Holder Case

Elegant Choise iPhone 11 Ring Holder Rugged Case

Look and Feel: As is the name so is the design. Elegant Choise is primed for those who are looking for a case to amp up fashion statement courtesy the incredibly svelte design.

Protection: I don’t think you are looking at this case as a highly protective case, are you? But the cover won’t let you down when it comes to keeping fingerprints, dust and even scuffs at a fair distance.

Other Functionality: Just like its counterpart, it also has got a nice-looking ring that not only adds more elegance to it but also enhances functionality. And it gets along perfectly with magnetic car mounts as well.

Verdict: Available in six beautiful colors, Elegant Choise is readied to match the vibrant hues of your smartphone. Get this one to spruce up the looks of your smartphone while also boosting user-experience.

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Best iPhone 11 Slim Cases

For everyday usage, slim covers are probably the top bet. The lightweight design hardly adds any weight to the smartphone. Most sleek covers also come with a matte finish to provide a much-improved grip. Plus, they are also a bit more pocket-friendly ensuring carrying the smartphone in a tiny pocket is never a big deal.

Pros: Slim covers are pocket-friendly and feel comfortable to hold. Moreover, they also keep the sleek design of the iPhone intact.

Cons: The biggest drawback of slim covers is that they don’t offer the needed safeguard against impact. Besides, they are less durable.

Who Is It For?

Those, who admire the minimalist design, would like to have slim covers. These covers can also find a safe spot in the kitty of fashionistas. Not to mention the folks who have a huge penchant for a slim factor.

#1. totallee Ultra Thin Case

totallee Ultra Slim Minimal Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: Putting totallee right on top of a collection of slim cases for iPhone feels pretty much like following an age-old norm. Well, this statement just goes on to show how popular this case maker has been for producing elegantly thin cases. And its offering for iPhone 11 looks promising to carry on the tradition.

Protection: The cover is undoubtedly thinnest in the market. But don’t underestimate the svelte look as it can easily ward off scuffs.

Other functionality: Thanks to the soft-textured frosted back, it offers an enhanced grip. The tactile buttons and picture-perfect cutouts give it a svelte look.

Verdict: If the slim design is what you are after, you can’t go wrong with totallee.

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#2. PITAKA MagEZ Scratch Resistant Slim Case

PITAKA MagEZ iPhone 11 Slim Case

Look and Feel: What stands out PITAKA MagEZ from the rest is the extremely lightweight (0.53 oz) yet highly durable aramid fiber material. With the 3D grip skin, the cover offers excellent hold, thereby cutting down the chance of slip-offs.

Protection: Being just 0.03 slim, MagEZ is not designed to shield your smartphone against shock. However, it has the quality to put low drops out of the way.

Other functionality: MagEZ comes with a built-in metal plate to work with most magnetic car mounts. Generally, most metal plates equipped cases tend to interfere with wireless charging. But that is not a problem with MagEZ, which is yet another plus.

Verdict: Let me put it across without mincing the words! If there is any slim case that can fully justify a $50 price tag, it has to be none other than Pitaka’s offering.

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#3. TORRAS Matte Slim Case

TORRAS Slim Fit iPhone 11 Case

Look and Feel: Design-wise, TORRAS case has got a nice-looking svelte appearance. Add to that the matte finish coating and the case feel pretty high on sophistication aspect.

Protection: For all having a thin form-factor, TORRAS case is not bad at fighting out scratches. Equipped with 0.5mm raised lips on the front and back, Torras case also puts the screen and camera behind a trusted shield.

Other functionality: Due mainly to the matte finish, the cover feels comfortable to hold. Plus, it also doesn’t interfere with the wireless charging.

Verdict: TORRAS has got all the ingredients to be a nice pair with the smartphone. And it doesn’t come too expensive either ($14.99).

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#4. Spigen Thin Fit Case

Spigen Thin Fit Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: I guess you were expecting Spigen to get into this collection as well, weren’t you? Showcasing a slim design, the Thin Fit is bang on target when it comes to making a trending appearance.

Protection: Thin Fit is not about protection and you shouldn’t put your money on it. But the cover is equipped to keep your iPhone 11 safeguard behind a reliable defense against scuffs.

Other functionality: Thin Fit is designed to work with magnetic car mounts, which can be super handy for travelers. Besides, the open-button design allows you to comfortably access buttons.

Verdict: This one is no brainer for multiple reasons like the sleek design, magnetic car mount support, and form-fitting appearance, isn’t it? In case, you are still confused, let me tell you that it comes at just $9.99.

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#5. TOZO Thinnest Bumper Case

TOZO iPhone 11 Slim Fit Shell Case

Look and Feel: Boasting a semi-transparent design, TOZO could be a straightforward choice if you like showcasing the smartphone. At 0.35 thickness, the company claims that the case is the thinnest cover in the world. While I won’t get into the debate about whether or not it is the slimmest out there, I would say that the cover is pretty much like skin.

Protection: The cover sports matte optical texture that adds a bit more shine to the surface. Plus, the smooth texture also ensures the case feels more comfortable to grip in hands.

Other functionality: The cover has a 0.2mm beveled edge to offer up the required defense to the dual camera. What’s more, it claims to keep 98% charging efficiency – which is yet another plus.

Verdict: With an eye-grabbing skinny design, Tozo can easily stake the claim of being the best thin cover for the iPhone 11. And most of us can agree to the claim to a great extent.

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Best iPhone 11 Wooden Cases

Wooden cases have never been most sought after. And it’s highly unlikely that they will ever top the chart. So, why would you ever want to pick them up? Well, they have a unique retro charm that makes them stand out of the rest. Not to underestimate the natural appeal they add to the smartphone.

Pros: Most wooden covers are highly durable and therefore can easily resist shock. Plus, they are also blessed with vintage appeal that gives a natural look to the smartphone.

Cons: Wooden covers lack a flashy design, which might not appeal to those who love to showcase their smartphone to the fullest.

Who Is It For?

Anyone who likes to go offbeat everyone once in a while would find wooden covers worth taking a shot on. These covers could also entice those who like to indulge with natural flair.

#1. iATO Real Walnut Wooden Case

iATO iPhone 11 Wood Case

Look and Feel: Whenever I have compiled a roundup of the wooden covers, the one company that has never failed to find a spot is “iATO”. Simplicity is probably the biggest selling point of iATO wooden covers. Made of real wood, the covers are compact and have a snug-fit appearance.

Protection: The natural walnut wood construction enables the cover to absorb shock. To ensure it can offer an all-round defense to the smartphone, the company has used a PC bumper. And with the neat finish, the cover has a much better hold.

Other functionality: Unlike most other wooden cases in the market,
iATO case doesn’t add any bulk to the device. Better still, it also has quite neat cutouts and responsive buttons.

Verdict: iATO wooden case is made for a classy choice. And if it fits your liking, you can’t go wrong with it.

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#2. YFWOOD Shockproof Bumper Wooden Case

YFWOOD Unique Wood Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: As compared to iATO, YFWOOD has a modern-looking design. The mix of real wood and TPU has played a vital role in making it an impressive cover.

Protection: The inclusion of a wooden exterior and the shock-absorbing Interior makes sure the smartphone has a shield against drops. As far as gripping is concerned, the TPU frame does a fine job of offering non-slip hold.

Other functionality: The dual-layered design makes it a highly protective cover but without adding any unnecessary bulk to the smartphone.

Verdict: Simply put, YFWOOD is easily one of the finest wooden cases for iPhone 11. And with the solid build as well as impact-resistant design it has the quality to live up to the billing.

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#3. B BELK Soft Wooden Case with Air Cushion

B-BELK iPhone 11 Wooden Shell Case

Look and feel: Exhibiting a vintage design, B BELK is not the sort of case that can grab eyeballs. But if the neat design is what you are after, you wouldn’t have any complaints.

Protection: The rubberized interior has armored the case to take on impact effortlessly. Apart from surviving bumps, it can also resist scuffs to a good extent.

Other functionality: Due mainly to the raised bezels, the screen doesn’t slide on a flat surface and the camera also stays guarded against scuffs. The rubberized buttons are also more convenient to handle. And yes, it is also quite efficient when it comes to working with wireless chargers is concerned.

Verdict: As a simple and compact wooden cover, B Belk is one of the better picks. Even in terms of pricing ($11.99), it has hit the right spot.

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#4. JuBeCo Soft TPU Wooden Case

JUBECO Wooden Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Very few wooden covers as pleasing pair with the iPhone 11 as JUBECO. Be it the robust frame or the snug-fit wooden back, it has got everything lined up to make a strong case.

Protection: The incorporation of a rubberized frame has resulted in not only boosting the construction but also giving a good look to the cover. It can easily triumph accidental falls.

Other functionality: The precision laser cut gives full access to out all the cutouts. Moreover, the TPU button.

Verdict: JUBECO is a straightforward choice in more ways than one. The only that might force you to relook your buying decision is the slightly high price – $19.

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#5. TENDLIN Black Rose Wood Case

TENDLIN Wood Grain Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: The highlight of TENDLIN is the impressive hybrid design. With the combo of natural wood grain back and soft TPU interior, the case makes for a refined look.

Protection: The case should be able to survive shock with ease. Besides, it is also equally proficient when it comes to offering a secure grip.

Other functionality: The case has a beveled edge that lifts the screen off the flat surfaces. Another thing worth noting is the ability to work seamlessly with wireless chargers.

Verdict: Whether it’s the compact design or durability TENDLIN wooden cover features almost all the qualities to warrant attention.

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Best iPhone 11 Kickstand Cases

Top-notch mobile devices like iPhone 11 have become a great tool for media streaming. And it always feels great to have a readymade stand to prop up the smartphone in the preferred orientation to watch movies or enjoy video calling comfortably. That’s primarily the reason why kickstand covers have a high demand.

Pros: Undoubtedly, the best part about kickstand cases is the ability to enhance hands-free media viewing. That aside, they are also quite good at safeguarding the smartphone against random shock.

Cons: Most kickstand covers are a bit bulky. So, the ones who like to go sleek may not find them appealing.

Who Is It For?

For one, kickstand covers are primed for the ones who love to stream movies and videos on their smartphone thanks to the flexibility they offer. Besides, they can also find a loyal following among the ones who prefer reliable protection against impact to the flashy design.

#1. ESR Clear Kickstand Case

ESR Metal Kickstand Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: So, who says that a kickstand cover is bulky and takes away the elegance from the smartphone? ESR kickstand cover not only makes an eye-catching pair with the iPhone but also enhances functionality.

Protection: The hybrid construction powered by PC and TPU makes it strong enough to knock down the impact of accidental drops. Add to that the raised bezel and you have a trusted cover that can offer the needed defense to the smartphone.

Other functionality: Talking about functionality, the highlight of this cover is the kickstand that offers both horizontal and vertical viewing angles.

Verdict: Should you think of picking out an elegant clear case with a kickstand functionality, ESR kickstand cover would be a fantastic pick.

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#2. Kitoo Military-grade Kickstand Case with Wireless Charging Support

Kitoo iPhone 11 Military Grade Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: Well, I look at Kitoo as an absolute beast as it’s one of the most protective covers for the iPhone 11 out there. But the best part about it is that it doesn’t look ugly at all even after having such a strong construction.

Protection: Boasting an extremely rugged outer shell, it can knock down the impact of up to 12 feet drops. The soft inner shell enables it to keep off scuffs.

Other Functionality: The kickstand works efficiently in propping the smartphone at the desired angle. Plus, the cover also supports wireless charging so that charging your smartphone wireless remains easy going.

Verdict: If rock-solid protection is what you are looking for, Kitoo is the one you must not miss out on. Furthermore, the four and a half stars out of almost 2,600 ratings just showcase how much love the case has received.

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#3. Spigen Tough Armor Kickstand Case

Spigen Tough Armor Kickstand Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: Spigen’s Tough Armor has long been one of my favorite kickstand cases for iPhone. And guess what, the cover has made into this lineup as well. Though it’s more about protection and less about style, it doesn’t look bad on the iPhone 11.

Protection: The case has a hybrid design thanks to the amalgamation of PC and TPU. Plus, it also features air cushion for additional protection.

Other functionality: The reinforced kickstand promises to enhance your hands-free media watching, while the raised lips ensure the camera and screen stay lifted off the flat surface. That’s not all, the five color options allow you to choose your favorite Tough Armor.

Verdict: Tough Armor is the sort of case that aims to offer a heavy-duty shield to your iPhone without looking ugly. And I must say that Spigen has succeeded in its attempt.

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#4. Zizo Bolt Military-grade Kickstand Case

ZIZO iPhone 11 Heavy-Duty Kickstand Case

Look and Feel: Yeah, ZIZO Bolt Series cases aren’t for shutterbugs nor are they designed to win attention. So, why should you need such cases? Well, times when you are trekking, enjoying a fun-time in the wild, or indulging with some exciting outdoor activities, you need a case that completely shields your smartphone. And it has all the goods to fit into those situations.

Protection: Armored by multiple layers of construction, the Bolt Series Cases are designed to absorb shock. And the 12 feet certified military-grade drop protection seems to justify its claim of being an absolute beast.

Other functionality: The case comes with a belt clip holster so that you can comfortably carry your iPhone. And when the time comes to bring movies to life, the hip holster can also turn into a kickstand.

Verdict: Without mincing my words, I would say that the Zizo Bolt Series is one of the finest heavy-duty-cum-kickstand cases in the market. If you don’t mind some extra bulk, you would find it appreciable.

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#5. Cubevit Shockproof Kickstand Case

Cubevit Slim Fit Phone Case with Kickstand

Look and Feel: A shockproof design in a relatively slim form-factor is what makes Cubevit worth checking out. The dual-layer of construction with PC and TPU makes the cover quite durable but without making your iPhone look heavy.

Protection: The rugged PC back panel enables the case to fight out bumps, while the soft TPU helps it resist scratches. Plus, it also has a matte finish that offers non-slip texture for better gripping.

Other functionality: With an integrated kickstand, it’s more than handy to enhance your media viewing. Besides, it also has a hidden slot to keep a card.

Verdict: Apart from being highly user-friendly, Cubevit also comes at a comparatively low price at $9.99. So, I can say that it does offer the best bang for the bucks.

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Best iPhone 11 Cases for Women

The charming design is probably the biggest highlight of cases designed for women. With soft material topped by stunning patterns, they demand immediate attention. Not surprisingly, they make a beautiful pair with the smartphone.

While most women cases are sophisticated and delicate, some modern cases are a significant departure from the past. Though these covers continue to sport enchanting look and feel, they are fully equipped to withstand shock just like any rugged cover.

Pros: Enchanting design is the most appreciable aspect of a case primed for women. So, you can always expect your smartphone to grab eyeballs with those stunning covers.

Cons: Most women cases are made of cheap material and therefore they fail to endure the test of time.

Who Is It For?

Do I need to put more light on who is more charmed towards having beautifully designed cases? Accessory makers produce a variety of covers that can appeal to women’s penchant. Whether it’s the attractive wallet covers with sparkling bling design or the sleek cases with glowing rhinestone, there is no dearth of enchanting covers in the market. So, anyone from workaholic women to college-going girls to housewives can pick their favorites.

#1. Jasilon PU Leather Wallet Case for Women

Jasilon iPhone 11 Premium Leather Wallet case for Women

Look and feel: Beautiful seems to be the most suitable adjective for a case that looks so pleasing to the eyes. Made of soft PU leather, the case showcases elegance. And with the laser carved love shapes as well as gold bowknot, it appears fully primed to grab attention.

Protection: It’s always great when a sophisticated case can hold pretty well against protection. And Jasilon is certainly not a pushover when it comes to enduring shock.

Other functionality: The case features a makeup mirror inside so that ladies can keep a track of their looks even on the go. Three card slots, a side pocket, and a wrist strap make it a complete case for women. On top of all, Jasilon wallet case comes in nine charming colors.

The Verdict: Jasilon wallet case stands out on many fronts. Whether it’s adorable design or user-friendly functionality, it elegantly checks off all the essentials.

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#2. Sonix Designer Case for Girl

Sonix iPhone 11 Delilah Flower Case for Women

Look and feel: I haven’t come across too many attractive iPhone 11 cases that are as shock-absorbent as this offering from Sonix. With the eye-grabbing pattern, the case has got a girlish look that should appeal to most women who are willing to ramp up fashion quotient.

Protection: A durable back is ideally complemented with an impact-resistant frame. Courtesy the rubberized frame and strong back, the cover offers certified military-grade defense (6.6-feet drop protection)

Other functionality: The presence of rubberized sides ensure that the case can survive drops. That also plays a vital role in making buttons more responsive.

Verdict: Sonix’s case is probably the best representation of beauty and protection. So, apart from pairing nicely with the smartphone, the cover also ensures the device has got all the needed care.

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#3. Procase Flip Folio Case with Hand Strap

Procase iPhone 11 Flip Folio Case for Women

Look and Feel: Procase neither has a glowing design nor has it allow your smartphone to shine through. So, why should you even consider this case? Well, it’s the simplicity and refined form-factor that helps the cover shine where it really counts.

Protection: The wallet case is more than capable to offer all-around defense to your smartphone. So, you should stay worry-free when the cover is on your iPhone.

Other functionality: Functionality-wise, Procase takes care of your basic needs by offering card slots and a handy money pocket. Add to that the stand functionality and the ever-useful wrist strap and it’s a full-on suit for your everyday use.

Verdict: Featuring all the essential features, Procase is the sort of wallet cover that most women would like to have. Price-wise ($12.99), it can also comfortably fit into most budgets.

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#4. Henpone Rhinestone Diamond Kickstand Case for Women

Henpone iPhone 11 Ring Holder Case for Girls

Look and feel: Henpone is the sort of case that most fashionistas would like to flaunt. The sleek form-factor along with the sparkling bling makes the ring case a show stopper in its own right.

Protection: Without mincing my words, I would say that Henpone isn’t designed for safeguarding your smartphone. So, aside from thwarting low volume shock, you shouldn’t expect much from it.

Other functionality: The ring holder not only adds more appeal to its profile but also enhances user experience. You can use the ring to hold your smartphone securely while snapping selfies. Moreover, it can also live up to the task of propping up your device at different viewing angles.

Verdict: If the sparkling design is what you are looking for, Henpone can be an automatic choice for you.

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#5. i-Blason Designer Clear Case for Women

i-Blason iPhone 11 Slim Full-Body Stylish Case for Women

Look and feel: Cosmo Series is one of the finest lineups from i-Blason. And they are undoubtedly great picks for Apple’s new 6.1-inch smartphone due mainly to the appreciable marble design. The dual-layer construction with the built-in screen guard makes it a relatively straightforward choice.

Protection: Cosmo Series makes sure your smartphone has got a befitting match without risking safeguard against drops. The company touts that the case delivers a 360-degree shield (10-feet drop tested). And looking at the form-factor, it seems to walk the talk without any issues.

Other functionality: The company has integrated TPU material so that the case can feel comfy and also prevent shock. Moreover, the glowing design doesn’t come in the way of wireless charging – which is yet another plus.

Verdict: For those who want their smartphone to stand out of the crowd would love to have Cosmo Series. Both in terms of glowing design and protection, the cover can hold the fort against the competition.

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Best iPhone 11 Waterproof Cases

I know some of you might be wondering why the heck we need waterproof cases now. To a good extent, I can go with your opinion. However, there are multiple reasons why the top-grade waterproof cases are here to stay. First and foremost, even though the iPhone 11 (along with the pro variants) is rated IP68 under IEC standard 60529, Apple doesn’t offer a warranty on water damage.

Second, the iPhone must be fully dry before it can start charging. Moreover, most waterproof cases also offer a military-grade safeguard against shock. That means, your smartphone has the shield to ward off not only water damage but also take on nasty bumps.

Pros: Waterproof covers offer a much-needed safeguard against water so that you can enjoy water sports or encounter heavy downpours bravely. Furthermore, they also shield the smartphone against impact.

Cons: Most waterproof cases look bulky and are quite slippery. Besides, dealing with buttons isn’t always easy.

Who Is It For?

Those who like to enjoy watersport, relish underwater photography, or have a blast at swimming pools way too often would like to have a waterproof cover at the disposal. Besides, people living in the regions where thundershowers are the order of the day would need to have a solid waterproof cover to take on rains.

#1. LifeProof FRĒ SERIES Waterproof Case

LifeProof Waterproof Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: You didn’t expect me to give a miss to FRE Series waterproof cases from LifeProof, did you? Made of high-grade waterproof material, they sport a premium design. And there shouldn’t be any argument about that.

Protection: Lifeproof claims that the case is fully sealed and submersible up to two-meter deep for one hour. As for protection from shock, the cover can withstand drops from 6.6 feet which is more than handy for keeping your device protected.

Other functionality: The built-in screen protector is scratch-resistant and offers improved responsiveness. Moreover, the buttons are rubberized and easy to press.

Verdict: If the premium waterproof case is what your needs demand, you would be hard-pressed to find a better alternative than Lifeproof’s waterproof cases.

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#2. Temdan Waterproof Case

Temdan Waterproof iPhone 11 Case

Look and Feel: Design-wise, Temdan waterproof case could be termed as simple and compact. The robust frame, scratch-resistant screen, and clear back make it well-timed for outdoor adventure.

Protection: The company claims that the case has an IP68 waterproof rating and can also fight out drops. So, whether you are out in the wild, swimming in your pool or engaged in some fun-loving activities, it can keep your device guarded against all the usual suspects.

Other functionality: The one notable feature of this waterproof case is the ability to work in sync with most wireless chargers. Moreover, the screen is quite sensitive to the touch, while the buttons are much easier to press.

Verdict: In the affordable category, Tedman waterproof case is the one to beat as it looks reasonable in most aspects.

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#3. TOONE Waterproof Case

TOONE Direct iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

Look and feel: Toone waterproof case has a rugged design with a clear back. But the rugged construction doesn’t make it look bulky.

Protection: The case meets IP68 ingress protection rating. So, you can fully trust the cover to offer a reliable shield against rains or water. Plus, it also delivers certified military-grade protection – which is a bonus.

Other functionality: With responsive buttons and touch-sensitive screens, the case ensures your usage remains smooth sailing. Furthermore, it’s also easier to remove/install the cover, unlike many other waterproof cases.

Verdict: Toone may not have a premium design like Lifeproof’s offering but it’s a pretty good deal in each aspect. Besides, it’s also priced way lower at $16.99.

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#4. TIPICOOL Waterproof Case

TIPICOOL iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: Going by the looks, TIPICOOL makes a cool pair with the iPhone 11. The durable construction with the two-tone design makes it a fine bet for a casual outing.

Protection: Featuring shockproof design, TIPICOOL delivers military-grade protection (military standard 810G-516). That means you can count on its drop-proof construction to endure up to 6.6 feet drops.

Other Functionality: But the biggest highlight of TIPICOOL iPhone 11 waterproof case is the built-in kickstand that lets you position your smartphone horizontally for a hands-free media watching or the video-conferencing. With the presence of a highly protective screen guard, the touchscreen has an extra layer of defense against unexpected damage. Besides, the support for Qi-wireless charging gives it an edge over many other waterproof covers in the market.

Verdict: If you want your iPhone 11 waterproof case (IP68 rating) to do more than just shielding the smartphone against water damage and shock, TIPICOOL would be a nice pick.

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#5. Vapesoon Waterproof Case

Vapesoon iPhone 11 Waterproof Case

Look and Feel: Last but not least, Vapesoon is made to be a heavy-duty waterproof case. So, it does much more than just safeguarding your smartphone from water. But does the heavy-duty construction make it look bulky? Not at all.

Protection: As I have already stated that Vapesoon can safely find a spot in the top-notch heavy-duty covers for iPhone 11. So, it doesn’t matter whether you are adventurists or a normal joe who has to encounter heavy rains way too frequently, the case can fit into your expectations.

Other functionality: I always prefer to have a responsive screen especially when choosing a waterproof case. So, I’m glad that the cover comes with a sensitive front cover. Further, the buttons have the needed responsiveness so that you can control them with ease.

Verdict: Vapesoon might not have a sleek form-factor but it does have most of the essential qualities to be a budget-friendly waterproof cover.

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Best iPhone 11 Silicone Cases

Silicone cases are pretty soft and feel nice to the touch. Though these cases are not known for offering rugged protection, they provide enhanced grip. Thus, your smartphone seems to stay comfortably in your hands.

Another department where silicone covers shine is fitting snuggly around the smartphone.

Pros: Sophisticated design and the soft-touch finish are some of the major highlights of the silicone covers.

Cons: Silicone cases are less impact resistant. They also tend to lose their shine a bit early.

Who Is It For? For the folks who want to have a form-fitting cover with a smooth finish, silicone cases are the way to go. What’s more, they are also way cheaper than real leather covers. So, they are primed to appeal to those who are willing to have an adorable case without having to pay an extravagant price.

#1. Apple Silicone Case

Apple Silicone Case for iPhone 11

Look and feel: Apple’s silicone case seems to come to the picture the moment the thought of choosing silicone covers strikes the mind. And rightly so, the case is incredibly slim and makes for a premium match.

Protection: As I said above, the case has a slim profile. So, you shouldn’t put much weight on protection. But the cover can surprise you with its knack of resisting scuffs and dust.

Other functionality: The highlight of Apple’s cover is the soft-touch finish that can play a major role in warding off accidental slip-offs. Not to mention, it also has got smooth and responsive buttons that are much easier to hold.

Verdict: Agreed, you will have to spend some extra bucks to get Apple’s silicone cover. But the quality that comes with it is worth taking note of.

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#2. abitku Shockproof Silicone Case

abitku Silicone Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: Though abitku’s offering looks nowhere near as elegant as Apple’s case, it has got the looks and more than decent design to hold the fort.

Protection: As compared to Apple’s silicone cover, it has slightly more durability. So, while this silicone may lose the battle of style, it wins in the protection segment.

Other functionality: For additional safeguard, abitku comes soft microfiber lining. Plus, it also has raised edge on the front and rear side to keep the camera and screen fully guarded against scuffs.

Verdict: If you want your soft silicone cover to have a bit of protection, go for this one.

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#3. DiMiK Clear Silicone Case

DiMiK iPhone 11 Ultra Slim Fit Silicone Case

Look and feel: Exhibiting a crystal clear design, DiMiK makes sure your smartphone has the full-attention without any interference. The soft silicone material helps it fit around the edges, while also ensuring the cover can be comfortably installed and removed.

Protection: The case has a softback panel that can resist scuffs. As for fighting out bumps, the bumper can endure random drops of low volume.

Other functionality: As for cutouts, they appear to be on the point making sure you have easy access to the port, camera, and speaker. Being silicone, the exterior also fits comfortably in the palm.

Verdict: If you are on the lookout for a silicone clear case, give it serious consideration.

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#4. ZADORN Designer Silicone Case

ZADORN Marble Design Soft Silicone Case for iPhone 11

Look and Feel: If there is a desire to go for a case with a funky marble design, I would recommend you to give a try to Zadorn. The soft silicone material sports matte finish for an enhanced grip.

Protection: In spite of having a slim form-factor, Zadorn can survive random falls. Raised lips don’t allow the Liquid Retina display to touch the surface when the device is placed face down.

Other functionality: The case is anti-fingerprint and dust-resistant. Therefore, you can expect the marble design to shine in full glory for long.

Verdict: Zadorn has looked right on the money on almost all the fronts. Even on the price point ($9.60), the cover seems a lot lower than other similar cases in the market.

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#5. ORNARTO Liquid Silicone Case

ORNARTO iPhone 11 Liquid Silicone Case

Look and feel: Available in a myriad of vibrant colors, ORNARTO is the one that seems to hit the right chord at the very first sight. Everything from the pronounced buttons and cutouts looks on the point.

Protection: The rubberized structure has got enough cushion under the hood to take on impact. To further empower the case to withstand even nasty drops, the company has used PC and microfiber material.

Other functionality: ORNARTO features 1.2mm beveled edge on the front to protect the screen. And with the elevated lip on the rear side, the dual-camera has the required defense to put scuffs at a long distance.

Verdict: Should you prefer dark colors and compact profile, you are going to love this silicone suit.

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Best iPhone 11 Magnetic Cases

Just before we could finalize the sort of covers that we had to include in this roundup, magnetic covers jumped into the fray. Due to the fast-growing demand, we thought it’s apt to give them a shot as well.

For those unfamiliar, magnetic covers are available in a variety of designs. The most popular ones sport a sandwich design with a solid metal frame and tempered glass back and front. However, the ones with a built-in magnetic plate on the back also have a fairly appreciable fan following.

Pros: Most magnetic covers have a trendy design that makes a stunning pair with the smartphone. Besides, they are also not bad at fighting out bumps.

Cons: Many magnetic covers don’t work with wireless chargers. So, if you power up your smartphone wirelessly, you should be very careful while choosing them.

Who Is It For?

As I said above, magnetic covers are available in multiple designs, so they can appeal to a wide audience. To be more precise, the magnetic covers sporting metal frame along with glass back and front could instantly catch the attention of the so-called case-less guys. And the ones with the built-in magnetic plate can find instant favor from the folks who regularly use navigation apps like Apple Maps and Google Maps during the drive.

#1. YTM YAN Magnetic Metal Frame Case

YTM YAN iPhone 11 Magnetic Metal Frame Case

Look and Feel: Equipped with a shinning metal frame, YTM YAN has got a stylish form-factor. And with the solid tempered glass on the back and the front, it represents a trendy magnetic case design.

Protection: While the metal frame adds strength to the construction, the tempered glass works as a scratch-resistant guard. Thus, your smartphone can easily survive the onslaught of scratches and bumps.

Other functionality: The buttons offer tactile feeling, allowing you to adjust the volume without any pain. One more thing worth reiterating is that it also plays proficiently with wireless chargers.

Verdict: YTM YAN seems to be a runaway winner in most fronts: durability, design, and compactness. The thing that might force you to stretch your buying decision a bit is a little expensive price tag – $18.99.

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#2. Haobuy Ultra Thin Magnetic Case

Haobuy iPhone 11 Ultra Thin Magnetic Case

Look and Feel: Haobuy is a little different from all the counterparts mentioned above. The case is made of soft TPU material and features a built-in metal plate on the rear side.

Protection: The soft and sophisticated TPU construction may look vulnerable from outside but it can comfortably thwart the impact of minor drops. So, even though it can’t be entrusted for heavy-duty, it can guard your smartphone against scuffs and even low shock.

Other functionality: Thanks to the built-in metal plate, the cover can work with magnetic car mounts. Thus, you can hold your iPhone steadily to have enhanced viewing angles during navigation.

Verdict: Haobuy appears to be a fine pick for those who are on the lookout for a simple yet user-friendly magnetic cover at a comparatively low price point.

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So, Which One of These iPhone 11 Cases & Covers Have Passed Your Acid Test?

Now that you have explored the marathon roundup of over 60 cases across 13 categories share your tidbits about the ones that have caught your attention. Also, do not forget to mention the ones that can rival the covers mentioned in this lineup.

Agreed, no collection of cases can claim to be perfect. However, as you can see, there are enough contenders out there that can deliver the best bang for the bucks.

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