iPad Pro

There were a number of rumors all over the place about the new iPad Pro, though no one had anticipated so much out of it. Apple gave an element of surprise by launching iPad Pro, with awesome features nobody expected. Geeks across the globe had anticipated a display size of 12.9″, but other features were like blessings from heaven.

iPad Pro
Image Credit: Apple.com

The new iPad Pro features seem to be more focused on business professionals and creative peoples. Microsoft and Adobe executives had their presence at an Apple event to demonstrate how their products will help business and creative people respectively.

Apple's new iPad Pro boasts a Retina HD display with the size of 12.9 inches, 8MP iSight and 1.2MP front camera. Under the hood, it has the latest A9 chip along with M9 motion coprocessor. The display of new iPad Pro delivers a resolution of 2732 x 2048 with 5.6 million pixels, which is more than a MacBook Pro. Even though iPad Pro has so much under the hood, it is just 6.9mm thin and weighs just 1.57 pounds. iPad Pro has four speakers at all corners, so you can rotate you iPad in any direction without losing the sound quality.

The new iPad Pro also has a Smart Connector that can prove handy for attaching additional accessories like Smart Keyboard. In addition to that, Apple has introduced a stylus and named it as an Apple Pencil. Apple Pencil is sensitive to tilt and pressure, which enables you to create a perfect artistic stroke.

Entry level Wi-Fi model with 32GB will cost $799, while 128GB at $949 and cellular model with 128GB will cost $1079. The new iPad is available in three color options: silver, gold, and space grey and will be shipping out in November 2015.

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