As an Apple product user, I frequently visit Apple Support Communities to find solutions of some minor problems. But last time I visited and I was taken aback to find a series of questions echoing a single issue: iPad Pro has become unresponsive after being charged. This time, this problem has taken a colossal shape as I had to browse as many as fourteen pages on the community page.

Hardware malfunctioning has become a signature of Apple. After every major launch of products like iPhones, iPads or Macs, users have come up complaining some or other issues in Apple products.

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iPad Pro Unresponsive

The latest from the Apple factory is iPad Pro, which is touted as the best iPad till date. And this too has some hardware problems as many users have reported that their iPads become unresponsive after they charge.

The issue first occurred on November 13, and since then, there are many users who have reported similar issue on the community page.

However, there is not any sure-shot fix for this issue because reasons for this problem have not been found yet. Maybe in couple of days, Apple’s research and development wing come up with some solution.

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From the thread on support community, it is clear that many iPad Pro users have faced this issue, and they did some primary research to get the solution. People also went for hard reset of the device, but this has not yielded any permanent solution. This clearly means that every time your iPad Pro goes into sleep mode, you have to go for hard reboot to wake it up.

Though Apple will surely find a permanent solution, this current issue is certainly going to affect further sale of iPad Pro. Moreover, a belief will be hammered into customers’ minds that every new Apple product has some hardware or software issue.

Many users have tried hard reset but the problem still persists. In this situation, replacement can be a better solution for iPad Pro owners.

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